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Chromatography is a physical separation technique in which the components of a mixture is separated by differences in their distribution between two phases: stationary und mobile phase.

Generally, a mixture is dissolved in a liquid, which is the mobile phase, and guided past a different material, the stationary phase. Due to the interaction of the solute with the stationary phase, the individual ingredients move at different speeds, causing them to separate and can be collected with a time interval and characterized.

Online available information resources on chromatography.


Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Data and Databases
Fora; Information Exchange

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Capillary Chromatography
Tutorial. Library4science

Chemical Separations
Lecture notes: chromatographic methods - Format: PDF

Chromatographic Retention
The mechanism of chromatographic retention

Chromatographic Separations
Intoduction to chromatographic separations - Format: PDF

Principles and Practice of Chromatography. Library4science

Introduction to chromatography

Introductory theory

... in Chromatography Columns. Tutorial. Library4science

Extra Column Dispersion
Tutorial. Library4science

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Principles and methods - Format: PDF

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Introduction - Format: PDF

Liquid Chromatography
Introduction to Liquid Chromatography. Slide show - Format: PDF

Liquid Chromatography

Liquid Chromatography
Chemistry hypertext

Liquid Chromatography Detectors

Paper Chromatography
Basic principles

Plate Theory and Extensions

Preparative Chromatography

Separation Science
Introduction: chromatography - Format: PDF

Thermodynamics of Chromatography
Tutorial. Library4science

Special Information

Chemiluminescent Reactions and Liquid Chromatography

Data and Databases

ACD/Chromatography Applications Database
Find an HPLC or GC separation method

Molecular Database for Chiral Chromatography

Quimifarma Chromatography Data Base
... offers you an easy, quick possibility to consult chomatographic information and its chomatogram at the same time

Spectra Libraries for LC/MS
Institute of Legal Medicine. University of Freiburg

Fora; Information Exchange

Chromatography Forum
... is a public discussion group where you can post questions, news, or messages of interest to chromatographers everywhere

Minnesota Chromatography Forum
... is a scientific society committed to the advancement of chromatography


Analytica Chimica Acta
... provides a forum for the rapid publication of original research, and critical reviews dealing with all aspects of fundamental and applied modern analytical science. Elsevier

Biomedical Chromatography
An International Journal Devoted to Research in Chromatographic Methods and Their Applications in the Biosciences. Wiley-Interscience

As of 2008 no longer published by Elsevier. Elsevier

Chromatography Online
A unbiased, peer-reviewed magazine for chromatographers offering practical insights on separations methods, applications and techniques. Advanstar Communications, Inc.

Ion Chromatography Ezine
Your guide to ion chromatography and ion-exchange. Wiley

Journal of Chromatographic Science
... is an international scientific journal providing in-depth information on all chromatography techniques, applications, sample preparation methods, systems problem solving and more

Journal of Chromatography A
... provides a forum for the publication of original research and critical reviews on all aspects of fundamental and applied separation science. Elsevier

Journal of Chromatography B
... addresses advancements in and applications of analytical methodologies related to drugs, other biologically active compounds, metabolites, biomarkers etc. Elsevier

Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies
... is an internationally acclaimed forum for fast publication of critical, peer reviewed manuscripts dealing with analytical, preparative and process scale liquid chromatography and all of its related technologies. Taylor and Francis

Journal of Microcolumn Separations
Last issue was published 2001. Archive. Wiley-Interscience

Journal of Separation Science
JSS is the most comprehensive source in separation science, as all areas of chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods are covered. This includes fundamentals, instrumentation and applications, both in analytical and preparative mode. Wiley-Interscience


South Africa
ChromSA. The Chromatography Society of South Africa

The Chromatographic Society
ChromSoc is an international organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Chromatography

Book recommendation

Elsa Lundanes, Léon Reubsaet, Tyge Greibrokk


This book is the perfect introduction into a methodology which is the underlying principle of the vast majority of separation methods worldwide. Everyone working in a lab environment must be familiar with the basis of these technologies and Tyge Greibrokk, Elsa Lundanes and Leon Reubsaet succeed in delivering a text which is easy to read for undergraduates and laboratory technicians, and covers the area in sufficient depth while still being concise. The book includes all recent technology advances and has core textbook features further improving the learning experience.

Wiley-VCH; 2013

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