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Combinatorial Chemistry

Information resources abaut combinatorial chemistry.

The Combinatorial Chemistry is a scientific method in which a very large number of chemical entities are synthesized by condensing a small number of chemical compounds together in all combinations defined by a small set of chemical reactions.

Combinatorics is thus a special method of synthesis and synthesis planning, which is specially used in drug discovery, but also in other areas.

Online available information resources on combinatorial chemistry.

Content, Topics

General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Software and Programs

General Information

Combinatorial Chemistry
Principles - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry Review
An overview of combinatorial synthesis, including polymers and linkers for solid-phase synthesis, determination of product structure, solution-phase synthesis and applications of combichem

Combinatorial Index Website
Information on Combinatorial Chemistry, eBook


Activation of C-H Bonds alpha to Nitriles for Combinatorial Chemistry
Ruthenium-Catalyzed Aldol and Michael Reactions of Polymer-Supported Nitriles. Synlett, 2001. Thieme

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Combinatorial and Fragment-Based Ligand Design
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry
Principles and techniques - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry
... and Synthesis on Solid Support - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry and Multiple Parallel Synthesis
eBook. Wiley - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry and Solid Phase Synthesis
Lecture notes

Combinatorial Chemistry and the Grid
Grid Computing - Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality. eBook - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry in Drug Research
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Combinatorial Chemistry Technology
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry
... in the identification of new host-guest interactions: proof of principle - Format: PDF

Medicinal Chemistry
Combinatorial chemistry - parallel synthesis - Format: PDF


... of Terms Used in Combinatorial Chemistry

Software and Programs

... is a free, platform indepentend software tool for rapid combinatorial library enumeration in the flexible and portable SMILES notation. SmiLib enumerates combinatorial libraries at rates of approximately 9,000,000 molecules per second on fast computers


Combinatorial Chemistry
... is revolutionising the approach to synthetic organic chemistry and other fields, and is greatly enhancing the rate of discovery of new molecular entities. Elsevier

Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
... publishes full length original research articles and reviews describing various topics in combinatorial chemistry (e.g. small molecules, peptide, nucleic acid or phage display libraries) and/or high throughput screening (e.g. developmental, practical or theoretical). Bentham Science Publishers

Combinatorial Science
... is an interdisciplinary journal that opens up channels of information for synthetic organic chemists, medicinal and analytical chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, biotechnologists, computational chemists, material scientists, and agrochemists. ACS


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