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Green chemistry - or: sustainable chemistry - is the application of environmentally friendly chemicals and processes to protect the environment from hazardous substances.

At the same time, the compounds are again fully returned to the material cycle. And there are chemical processes used with low energy expenditure.

The principles of green chemistry should be in our time for self-understanding and to be present at any time during the planning of new processes, systems and manufacturing processes.

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Current Articles

Green Chemistry with Sunlight
Combining electrochemistry and photovoltaics to clean up oxidation reactions

One Small Step for a Laboratory Science, One Green Leap for Mankind
TAU unlocks water's potential for new "green chemistry" movement. Artikel, May 2008

General Information

Green Chemistry
Introduction and Synthetic Procedures. Organic Chemistry Portal

Green Chemistry
Basic information - Format: PDF

Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Basic information. Wiley - Format: PDF

Greener Education Materials for Chemistry
... to search by keyword or category. University of Oregon, USA

Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry
Originally published by Paul Anastas and John Warner in Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice. EPA, USA

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Green Chemistry Experiments
... by the Green Chemistry Institute and the ACS Education Division. American Chemical Society, USA

Sustainability in the organic chemistry lab course
Background information, experiments, techniques and more


Sustainable Value Creation by Chemical Companies
The study has been published in December 2009. It assesses the sustainability performance of 9 major chemical companies worldwide using the Sustainable Value approach over the period of 2004 to 2007 on the basis of a set of 13 financial, environmental and social resources - Format: PDF


'Chemistry and Sustainability Energy and Materials' is well on its way to become a top interdisciplinary journal for research at the interface of chemistry and sustainability with energy research, materials science, chemical engineering, and biotechnology. Wiley

Green Chemistry
Publishing cutting-edge research that reduces the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing alternative sustainable technologies. Royal Society of Chemistry, UK

Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews
... is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on rapid publication of innovative new syntheses and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous materials. In addition, reviews of state of the art green chemistry technologies will be included. Taylor and Francis

Research facilities and departments

Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering
... is dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. The Center conducts projects in developing new science, technology, educational opportunities, and policies, for the ultimate goal of increasing the adoption and implementation of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering throughout our society and our economy for more sustainable world. Yale University, USA

Centre for Green Chemistry
... is a Special Research Centre, funded by the Australian Research Council. Monash University, Australia

Green Chemistry Group
... based in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York

Institute for Green Science
... has been established as a research, education and development center in which a holistic approach to green or sustainable chemistry is being developed, focused on pollution reduction. Carnegie Mellon University, USA


ACS Green Chemistry Institute
The mission of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI) is to advance the implementation of green chemistry principles into all aspects of the chemical enterprise. American Chemical Society, USA

Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
Annual conferences. American Chemical Society, USA

Canadian Green Chemistry Network
... is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote green chemistry to protect human health and the environment

EPA Green Chemistry Program
Mission: To promote innovative chemical technologies that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products

Green Chemistry Network
The main aim of the GCN is to promote awareness and facilitate education, training and practice of Green Chemistry in industry, commerce, academia and schools. Royal Society of Chemistry, UK

Promoting the Design, Manufacture, and Use of Environmentally Benign Chemicals Through Sustainable Chemistry or "Green Chemistry"

European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry

The European Sustainable Chemistry Award
EuCheMS (the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences), with the encouragement of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the support of SusChem (European Platform for Sustainable Chemistry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Association), is launching the European Sustainable Chemistry Award

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Green Chemistry

Book recommendation

Robert H. Crabtree, Paul T. Anastas

Handbook of Green Chemistry

Nicht nur in den westlichen Industrieländern ist Umweltschutz heute ein selbstverständlicher Bestandteil der gesellschaftlichen Existenz. Über die Entwicklung der Grünen Chemie und Technik informiert das 12-bändige "Handbook of Green Chemistry", zu dem dieser vorliegende Band über Grüne Homogene Katalyse gehört.

Ausführlich wie nie zuvor behandelt er alle Aspekte der umweltverträglichen und nachhaltigen homogenen Katalyse, wie zum Beispiel Atomökonomie, Oxidationen mit Wasserstoffperoxid, industrielle Prozesse und vieles weitere mehr.

Wiley-VCH; 2013

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