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Microwave Chemistry

Microwave Chemistry

The mircrowave chemistry studies chemical reactions and the interaction of matter caused by the appying of microwave irradiation.

Online available information resources about the application of microwaves in chemistry.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Developments in Microwave Chemistry
Scope and methodology; introduction to microwave chemistry; applications of microwave chemistry; market overview. Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, UK - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis
From single-mode to multimode parallel batch reactors - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis
Lecture notes - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave-assisted wet chemical synthesis
Advantages, significance, and steps to industrialization - Format: PDF - [e]

Polymer Synthesis
Microwave-Assisted Polymer Synthesis: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives - Format: PDF - [e]


Special Information

Reactivity and selectivity under microwaves in organic chemistry
Relation with medium effects and reaction mechanisms. IUPAC - Format: PDF - [e]


Practical Courses

Generating Gases in a Microwave Oven
... describes the use of a microwave oven as an interesting alternative for generating gases - [e]



Microwave assisted synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

2-amino-3-cyanopyridine derivatives
One-pot synthesis under microwave irradiation without solvent - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave assisted synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

Preparation of 3-Methylbutylacetate (Banana Oil) in the Microwave Oven - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave Synthesis of 4-Hydroxyquinazolines - Format: PDF - [e]

Synthesis of acridines by microwave heating - Format: PDF - [e]

Baylis-Hillman Adducts
Diastereoselectivity of Nitrone 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition to Baylis-Hillman Adducts - Format: PDF - [e]

Boron Phosphate
Hydrothermal and Microwave Synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave-assisted Chemistry of Carbohydrates. Organic Chemistry Portal - Format: PDF - [e]

Coumarin Synthesis
Influence of Microwave Irradiation on the Rate of Coumarin Synthesis by the Knoevenagel Condensation - Format: PDF - [e]

Fast Synthesis by the Knoevenagel Condensation under Microwave Irradiation - Format: PDF - [e]

Epoxy Resins
Synthesis of high molecular weight epoxy resins under microwave irradiation - [e]

Hantzsch 1,4-Dihydropyridines
Microwave Activation in the Chemistry of Hantzsch 1,4-Dihydropyridines - Format: PDF - [e]

Ionic liquids
Solvent-free synthesis of ionic liquids under microwave irradiation - Format: PDF - [e]

LTA zeolite membranes
Microwave synthesis of LTA zeolite membranes without seeding - Format: PDF - [e]

Methylenedioxyprecocene, MDP
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of a Natural Insecticide on Basic Montmorillonite K10 Clay - Format: PDF - [e]

N-protected Amino Acid Esters
Microwave assisted synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

Phenol-Formaldehyde Resole
Microwave assisted synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

Synthesis of Phosphonates by Michaelis-Arbuzov Rearrangement - [e]

Microwave-mediated Regioselective Synthesis of Novel Pyrimido[1,2-a]pyrimidines under Solvent-free Conditions - Format: PDF - [e]

A Microwave-Assisted and Heteropolyacids-Catalysed Cyclocondensation Reaction for the Synthesis of 4(3H)-Quinazolinones - Format: PDF - [e]

Rriazoloquinazolinones and Benzimidazoquinazolinones
Microwave assisted synthesis - Format: PDF - [e]

Ternary Nitride Materials
Microwave Synthesis of Ternary Nitride Materials - Format: PDF - [e]


Synthesis, production

Microwave mediated solvent-free acetylation of deactivated and hindered phenols. PDF text (FR) [e] - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave-mediated reductive amination-cyclization of 4-aryl-4-oxobutanoates: Facile synthesis of 3-methylidene-5-phenyl-2,3-dihydropyrrolidones - Format: PDF - [e]

Benzamide Hydrolysis
Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis - [e]

A solvent-free procedure using PhCOCl-Py/basic alumina under microwave irradiation has been developed for N-, O- and S-benzoylation - Format: PDF - [e]

Electrode Materials for Lithium Batteries
Microwave synthesis of electrode materials for lithium batteries - Format: PDF - [e]

Microwave Synthesis
Special information. Organic Chemistry Portal - [e]

Microwave Synthesis
Technical details - [e]

Perkin Reaction
... under Microwave Irradiation - Format: PDF - [e]

Retro-Michael addition
Studies on NaI/DMSO induced retro-Michael addition (RMA) reactions on some 1,5-dicarbonyl compounds - Format: PDF - [e]

Solid Phase Carbonylation
... in Fast Microwave-Mediated Combinatorial Drug Discovery - [e]

Suzuki-type coupling of boronic acids and aryl halides
Transition-Metal-Free Suzuki-Type Coupling Reactions. Organic Chemistry Portal - [e]



Microwave Chemistry Highlights
Scientific articles about recent microwave synthesis methods. Organic Chemistry Portal - [e]


Research facilities and departments

Christian Doppler Laboratory
... for microwave chemistry, CDLMC. University of Graz, Austria - [e]

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Microwave Chemistry
Microwave Chemistry, synthesis, methods, techniques
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