Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry is the chemistry of drugs and pharmaceutical products: the synthesis, development, and study of molecules used in medicine and their interactions with biological agents.

Online available information on pharmaceutical chemistry and related topics.


Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Laboratory Manual - Format: PDF

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry including Reaction Mechanisms - Format: PDF

A First Course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics


Acta Pharmaceutica
AP publishes review articles, original research papers, preliminary and short communications dealing with pharmacy and related fields

Archiv der Pharmazie
Chemistry in Life Sciences is an international journal devoted to research and development in all fields of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. Wiley-Interscience - [d/e]

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
AJPS provides the forum for reporting innovations, production methods, technologies, initiatives and the application of scientific knowledge to all aspects of pharmaceutics. Springer

Biochemical Pharmacology
... is an international journal devoted to publishing original work on the interaction of drugs and nontherapeutic xenobiotics with biological systems. Elsevier

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
... presents preliminary experimental or theoretical research results of outstanding significance and timeliness on all aspects of science at the interface of chemistry and biology and on major advances in drug design and development. Elsevier

Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
... is published every six months by the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Die Pharmazie
... is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical journals. As a peer-reviewed scientific journal, DiePharmazie is regularly indexed in Current Contents/Life Sciences, Excerpta Medica, Analytical Abstracts, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, Beilstein Current Facts in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts (CEABA) and Science Citation Index. Govi

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
... publishes research reports, review articles and scientific commentaries on all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences with strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality. Elsevier

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
... devoted to the Science and practice of Pharmacy in all its branches. Medknow

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
IJPC is the only publication that covers pharmaceutical compounding topics relevant and necessary to empower pharmacists to meet the needs of today's patients

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals
... publishes original scientific manuscripts dealing with all aspects of research and development leading to and resulting in labelled compound preparation. Wiley-Interscience

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
... is an international medium for the publication of original research reports and authoritative reviews on pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. Elsevier

Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation
... is an international, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing high quality papers emphasizing innovative research and applied technologies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Springer

Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
The area of focus shall be concepts in basic pharmaceutical science and such topics as chemical processing of pharmaceuticals, including crystallization, lyophilization, chemical stability of drugs, pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pro-drug developments, metabolic disposition of bioactive agents, dosage form design, protein peptide chemistry and biotechnology specifically as these relate to pharmaceutical technology, and targeted drug delivery. Wiley-Interscience

Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
PJPS is a peer reviewed multi-disciplinary pharmaceutical sciences journal

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal
... is devoted to scientific and technical research on the creation of new drugs and the improvement of manufacturing technology of drugs and intermediates. Springer

Pharmaceutical Statistics
... covers all aspects of pharmaceutical statistical applications from discovery, through pre-clinical development, clinical development, post-marketing surveillance, consumer health, production, epidemiology, and health economics. Wiley-Interscience

Pharmazie in unserer Zeit
... ist die erste Zeitschrift, die eine umfassende Betrachtungsweise pro Stoffklasse bietet und erweist sich als stetig wachsende Fundgrube für \"State-of-the-art\"-Wissen rund um die komplexe Materie Wirkstoff/Arzneimittel. Wiley-Interscience - [d]

Scientia Pharmaceutica
... publishes original research papers, short communications and a limited number of reviews on all fields of pharmaceutical sciences and related areas. Open access journal

Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The current emphasis of the journal includes (but is not limited to) the following areas: pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical biosciences

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
... is devoted to the promotion of pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines (including biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, medical and other life sciences, and related engineering fields)


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
AAPS provides a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to health

Food and Drug Administration
FDA is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services of the USA

International Pharmaceutical Federation
FIP is a world-wide federation of national pharmaceutical (professional and scientific) associations, with a mission to represent and serve pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences around the globe

Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. ETH Zürich

U. S. Pharmacopeia
USP is an official public standards–setting authority for all prescription and over–the–counter medicines and other health care products manufactured or sold in the United States

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Book recommendation

Donald Cairns

Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Basic introduction for pharmacy students. Explains the principles of chemistry which underpin the study of pharmacology, drug formulation, and drug design. Each chapter contains tutorial examples and problems for self-examination. Answers are at the end of the text.

Pharmaceutical Press; 2008

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