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Information resources on spectro electrochemistry.

Spectroelectrochemistry - SEC - is a scientific area that uses the simultaneous application of spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques to investigate chemical reactions involving or related to electron transfer, and to determine the structure of the reactants.

Spectroelectrochemistry thus combines in practice methods from spectroscopy (FT-IR, ESR, Raman, UV-VIS Spetroscopy, etc.) and electrochemistry (eg cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, etc.).

Online available information resources on spectroelectrochemistry.

Content, Topics

Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Partial Information
Research facilities and departments

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Ebook. RSC

An overview - Format: PDF

Partial Information

Optically Transparent Electrodes
Spectroelectrochemistry at optically transparent electrodes: an historical perspective - Format: PDF

Spectroelectrochemisty: a survey of in situ spectroscopic techniques. IUPAC, 1997 - Format: PDF


Conducting Copolymers of Aniline and o-Aminophenol
Electrochemical synthesis and spectroelectrochemical characterization of conducting copolymers of aniline and o-aminophenol. TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2007 - Format: PDF

Conducting Polymers
Spectroelectrochemistry of Heteroatom-Containing Intrinsically Conducting Polymers Synthesized via Encapsulated Monomers. TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2008

Furan-Thiophenes Copolymers
Spectroelectrochemistry of Intrinsically Conducting Furan-Thiophenes Copolymers. TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2008

Electrochemical Synthesis and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Novel Conducting Poly(o-phenylenediamine-co-o-/m-toluidine). TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2007

Redox Proteins
Raman Spectroelectrochemical Investigations of Immobilized Redox Proteins. TU Berlin, Germany, 2007

Self-assembled monolayers
Spectroelectrochemistry of self-assembled monolayers of 2- and 4-mercaptopyridines. TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2007

Substituted Anilines
Spectroelectrochemistry of Substituted Anilines. TU Chemnitz, Germany, 2006

Research facilities and departments

Center of Spectroelectrochemistry
Basic research in spectroelectrochemistry; development of spectroelectrochemical techniques. IFW Dresden, Germany


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