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Supramolecular Chemistry

Information resources on supramolecular chemistry.

Supramolecular chemistry (host-gust-chemistry) is a branch of chemistry that examines the non-covalent interactions of molecules and the formation of non-covalent supra-structures.

Main concepts of the supramolecular chemistry are molecular self-assembly, molecular recognition and complexation, template-directed synthesis, mechanically interlocked molecular architectures, dynamic covalent chemistry and more.

The most studied classes of compounds in supramolecular chemistry are the crown ethers, cryptands and cryptates, together with the associated metalla-Topomere, as well as the cyclodextrins and calixarenes. But also inorganic hosts such as zeolites and polyoxovanadates are possible.

To investigate the supra molecules interdisciplinary methods from all fields of chemistry and physics are used.

Online available information resources on supramolecular chemistry.

Content, Topics

General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Special Information
Compound Classes

General Information

Supramolecular Chemistry
Scope and perspectives. Nobel lecture, 1987, Jean-Marie Lehn - Format: PDF

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Supramolecular Catalysis
Chemistry within well-defined self-assembly hosts - Format: PDF

Supramolecular Chemistry
What is Supramolecular Chemistry? - Format: PDF

Supramolecular Chemistry
From molecular architectures to functional assemblies - Format: PDF

Supramolecular Chemistry
General principles, selected examples and applications - Format: PDF

Supramolecular Chemistry
An overview - Format: PDF

Supramolecular Chemistry
Lecture notes

Supramolecular Chemistry
Collection of PDF lecture notes and handouts. University of Victoria, Canada

Supramolecular Chemistry
- of nanomaterials - Format: PDF

Special Information

Computational Approaches in Supramolecular Chemistry
- with a Special Focus on Virtual Screening. Dissertation, 2007 - Format: PDF

DNA-based catalysis and micellar catalysis
Dissertation, 2011

Virtual screening
Computational approaches in supramolecular chemistry with a special focus on virtual screening. Dissertation, 2007. University of Saarbrücken, Germany

Compound Classes

Supramolecular chemistry of dendrimers - Format: PDF


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