Surface Chemistry

The chemistry of surfaces and interfaces.

Surface and interfacial chemistry examine the chemical processes that occur at the phase boundary between gas/liquid, liquid/liquid, liquid/solid and gas/solid interfaces.

The surface chemistry is associated with physical chemistry. Chemical properties and reactions at surfaces play a role in many areas of chemistry, but especially in catalysis, the chemical corrosion, in electrochemistry, but also for example in materials research, in surface coatings, etc.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Historical Facts and Documents
Data and Databases
Software and Programs

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Biomaterials Surfaces
The chemistry of biomaterials surfaces - Format: PDF

FCC Metals
Lecture notes: Surface Structure of fcc Metals

Metallic Surfaces
Lecture notes: Structure of Metallic Surfaces

Solids and Surfaces
Lecture notes: Structure of Solids and Surfaces - Format: PDF

Surface Analysis
Some tutorials

Surface Analysis
Lecture notes: Introduction to Surface Analysis

Surface Chemical Bond
Tutorial: The Surface Chemical Bond - Format: PDF

Surface Chemistry
An Introduction to Surface Chemistry. Queen Mary University of London, UK

Surface Chemistry
Liquid-gas, solid-gas and solid-liquid surfaces - Format: PDF

Surface Chemistry
An Introduction to Surface Chemistry

Surface Chemistry
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Surface Science Techniques
A list of surface science techniques and commonly used abbreviations. Each is intended as a basic introduction whilst providing links to more detailed information - Format: PDF

Surfaces and Thin Films
Lecture notes on Surfaces and Thin Films

Techniques for Surface Structure Determination
Lecture notes

Vibrational Surface Spectroscopy
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Historical Facts and Documents

Chemical processes on solid surfaces
Nobel Lecture: Gerhard Ertl, 2007: Chemical processes on solid surfaces

Surface Chemistry
Nobel Lecture: Irving Lanmuir 1932 - Format: PDF

Data and Databases

Surface Data
The surface data category highlights databases that allow surface scientists, tribologists, and analytical chemists to analyze surfaces of materials. NIST, USA

Software and Programs

... allows the construction, visualization, and interactive analysis of general crystal lattices including single crystal surfaces (LATTICE sessions) and of finite clusters and molecules (CLUSTER sessions). MPG, Germany

... is a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation program tailored for effective calculation of ion ranges

... is a collection of software packages which calculate many features of the transport of ions in matter

Software to evaluate electronic states and properties of molecules and (atom) clusters using Density Functional Theory. MPG

Surface Explorer
Online calculation form based on BALSAC. MPG


Applied Surface Science
... is concerned with scientific research on the atomic and molecular level of properties, determined with multiple surface analytical techniques, as well as the processing and application of these structures. Elsevier

Progress in Surface Science
The papers are aimed at surface scientists and cover various aspects of surface science. Elsevier

Surface and Coatings Technology
... is an international archival journal publishing scientific papers on surface and interface engineering to modify and improve the surface properties of materials for protection in demanding contact conditions or aggressive environments. Elsevier

Surface and Interface Analysis
... is devoted to the publication of papers dealing with the development and application of techniques for the characterization of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. Wiley-Interscience

Surface Science
... deals exclusively with fundamental experimental and theoretical studies in the physics and chemistry of surfaces. Elsevier

Surface Science Reports
Review papers on the properties of surfaces and interfaces of metals, semiconductors and insulators. The emphasis is on fundamental aspects of solid and liquid interfaces, their atomic and electronic structure. Elsevier

Thin Solid Films
... is an international journal which serves scientists and engineers working in the fields of thin-film synthesis, characterization, and applications. The field of thin films, which can be defined as the confluence of materials science, surface science, and applied physics, has become an identifiable unified discipline of scientific endeavor. Elsevier

Typical papers cover new developments in vacuum pumping and instrumentation, vacuum measurement, kinetic theory, gas-surface interactions, surface analysis, plasma and ion-surface interactions and etching, nanometer-scale processing, ion implantation, surface modification and coating industry, PVD, CVD and ion/plasma-assisted PVD/CVD. Elsevier


ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
The research interests of the Division members are inherently interdisciplinary and diverse, e.g., our members investigate the interaction of surfaces with fluids having molecular densities spanning the range from liquids to ultra-high vacuum

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Surface Chemistry

Book recommendation

K. S. Birdi

Surface Chemistry Essentials

Surface chemistry plays an important role in everyday life, as the basis for many phenomena as well as technological applications. Common examples range from soap bubbles, foam, and raindrops to cosmetics, paint, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. Additional areas that rely on surface chemistry include modern nanotechnology, medical diagnostics, and drug delivery. There is extensive literature on this subject, but most chemistry books only devote one or two chapters to it. Surface Chemistry Essentials fills a need for a reference that brings together the fundamental aspects of surface chemistry with up-to-date references and data from real-world examples. This book enables readers to better understand many natural phenomena and industrial processes.

Taylor and Francis; 2013

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