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Wine Chemistry

Information resources on the chemistry of wine.

Wine is a well-known alcoholic beverage. From a chemical point of view wine is a mixture respectively a solution of various chemical substances in varying combinations.

Online available information resources on the physics and the chemistry of wine.

The quality and the taste of a wine are mainly dependent on the subjective impression of the wine drinker. If you want to quantify this impression and make them comprehensible, then objective parameters are required. The chemical aspects of a wine offer this one base, both in the cultivation, as well as in the processing and production, from the processing, classification, etc.

Thus, there are some chemical parameters for judging a wine: the pH-value as a measure for the acidity, the contents of sulfur, sugar, malic acid and lactic acid, tartaric acid, gluconic acid, usable nitrogen etc.

But the geographical origin, and further information can be read from the chemistry of wine. With the analysis of wine composition concentrated primarily food chemistry.

In the following list you will find online available information on the physics and the chemistry of wine.

Content, Topics

General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Partial Information
Analysis and Determination

General Information

Chemistry in Winemaking
An introduction - Format: PDF

The Chemistry of Wine Making
An introduction

Chemical components of wine, acidity, varietal aromas

Wine Chemistry
An overview

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

A taste of wine chemistry
Feature, chemistry world

Acid-Base Chemistry of White Wine
Analytical characterisation and chemical modelling

Better Wine
... through chemistry - Format: PDF

Climate Variability
The influence of climate variability on chemical composition of European wines: a regional scale study (Italy and Slovenia) - Format: PDF

Basic chemistry and fermentation - Format: PDF

An introduction - Format: PDF

Phenolic Chemistry And Winemaking
Postmodern winemaking

Sulfur Dioxide & Wine Additives
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

The Art & Chemistry of Wine
An overview - Format: PDF

The Impact of Wine Components
... on the chemical and sensory properties of wines

Whats in Wine?
Lecture notes

Wine Additives
What you need to know about wine additives

Wine Analysis
From grape to glass ... - Format: PDF

Wine and Grape Polyphenols
A chemical perspective - Format: PDF

Wine Chemistry
A sensory perspective - Format: PDF

Wine Chemistry
Learn more about the chemistry of wine

Partial Information

Flaws and Faults in Wine
An article for competition wine judges and of interest to competitors

Analysis and Determination

Wine Analysis
Winemaker's guide to chemistry analysis; recommended electrochemistry instrumentation and detailed application notes for winemaking - Format: PDF


Last update: 15.12.2018.

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