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Properties and data of the isotope 2H.


See also: list of Hydrogen isotopes.


General data

Name of the isotope:Hydrogen-2; H-2Namen:DeuteriumSymbol:2HMass number A:2Atomic number Z:1 (= number of protons)Neutrons N:1Isotopic mass:2.0141017781(8) u (atomic weight of Hydrogen-2)Nuclide mass:2.0135532 u (calculated nuclear mass without electrons)Mass excess:13.13572 MeVMass defect:0.0023881699000001 u (per nucleus)Nuclear binding energy:2.22456593 MeV (per nucleus)
1.11228297 MeV (average binding energy per nucleon)
Separation energy:SN = 2.22457(0) MeV (first neutron)
SP = 2.22457(0) MeV (first proton)
Half-life:stableSpin and parity:1+Charge radius:2.1421(88) femtometer fmYear of discovery:1932



Comparison of the natural Wasserstoff isotopes including isotopic abundance (proportion of the isotope mixture):


Atomic Mass maQuantityHalf-lifeSpin
Isotopic mixture
1,008 u100 %
Isotope 1H1,0078250322(6) u99,99 %stable1/2+
Isotope 2H2,0141017781(8) u0,01 %stable1+
Isotope 3H3,01604928132(8) u12.32(2) a1/2+


NMR data

2H belongs to the NMR active Nuclides.

Isotope:2H-NMRQuantity:0,01 % [0,001 - 0,028 %]Spin:1+Nuclearmagnetic moment
+ 0,857438231(5)Gyromagnetic ratio
107 rad T-1 s-1:
4,1066Quadrupole moment
Q fm-2:
0,285783(30)Resonance frequency
v0 at 1 T:
6,5359Relative Sensitivity:0,00965 (H0 = const.)
0,4094 (v0 = const.)
[related to 1H = 1,000]


Isotones and Isobars

The following table shows the atomic nuclei that are isotonic (same neutron number N = 1) and isobaric (same nucleon number A = 2) with Hydrogen-2. Naturally occurring isotopes are marked in green; light green = naturally occurring radionuclides.


OZIsotone N = 1Isobar A = 2


External data and identifiers

CAS:7782-39-0InChI Key:UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-VVKOMZTBSA-NAdopted Levels, Gammas:NuDat 2H


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