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Manufacturers and suppliers of quantum Dots

Quantum Dots

A quantum dot is a particle of matter with a diameter on the order of the compound's Exciton Bohr Radius, and properties that are between those of bulk semiconductors and those of discrete molecules.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of quantum dots for use in laboratory, research and industry.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Sigma Aldrich
Sigma's Lumidots™ feature bright emissions, narrow size distributions, high purity, and long lifetimes. These stabilized core semiconductor nanocrystals have unique properties for applications that include LEDs, solar cells, thin films, and spectrophotography - [e]

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United States of America, USA

American Dye Source, Inc.
... is offering quantum dots. These materials can be used for a variety of applications in display devices, organic solar cells, sol gel coatings, polymer coatings, and printing inks - [e]

American Elements
Producer of AE Quantum Dots™ - [e]

Evident Technologies, Inc.
... is a leader in commercializing quantum dot semiconductor nanomaterials and products enabled by these materials - [e]

Qdot quantum dots are ideal for experiments requiring long-term photostability or single-excitation, multicolor analysis - [e]

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United Kingdom

Nanoco Technologies Ltd.
The world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quantum dots - [e]

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Attonuclei specializes in the research and development of bottom-up quantum dot's fabrication techniques for implementation in high value added products - [e]

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Manufacturers and suppliers of quantum Dots
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Charles Z. Hotz, Marcel Bruchez

Quantum Dots: Applications in Biology

Quantum Dots captures many diverse applications enabling utility in biological detection. Organized into five parts, the first two parts cover the use of QDs in imaging fixed and living cells (and tissues). Protocols are included for using QDs in routine (protein and structural cellular labeling), as well as enabling (single receptor trafficking, clinical pathology, correlative microscopy) applications. Part 3 shows early efforts aimed at using QDs in live animals. The final 2 parts demonstrate the versatility of QD technology in existing assay technology.

Humana Press; 2007

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