Radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals - manuacturers and traders.

Radio chemicals are chemical compounds and preparations which are radioactive. The radioactivity can be of natural origin or are produced artificially by the use of radioactive isotopes.

Radio chemicals are used among others in research, laboratory, industrial, materials testing and in medicine (radiopharmaceuticals). Scientifically, the subjects of radiochemistry and nuclear chemistry deal with the radio chemicals and the individual isotopes.

The following list includes manufacturers and suppliers of radio chemicals for different applications in the laboratory, analytical chemistry, medicine, manufacturing, industry and research.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

MDS Nordion
Radiopharmaceutical services for development and manufacturing; Medical Isotopes for functional and molecular imaging; diagnosis and therapy - [e]

MP Biomedicals
... offers quality radiochemicals for nearly 50 years - [e]

PerkinElmer, Inc.
The only company that enables you to search multiple types of products such as radiochemicals and microplates in one spot. Reagents Cross Reference-Tool - [e]

... is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of radioisotope technologies and services - [e]

Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Biochemicals: Carbon-14 and Tritium radiolabeled isotopes: high quality radiochemicals - [e]


... is specialised in Immunology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Radiochemistry, supplying biomedical and pharmaceutical research with a large range of antibodies, radiolabelled products, custom synthesis and antibody production services - [e]

Campro Scientific GmbH
... is specialized in and dedicated to the supply of Specialty Chemicals - [e]

Hartmann Analytic
Radioaktiv markierte Chemikalien, Tritiummarkierung, Markierung von Oligonucleotiden etc. - [d, e]

ROTOP Pharmaka AG
Technetium Kits - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
ARC has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of high quality radiolabeled and unlabeled chemicals in the world. More than 3,000 radiolabeled and unlabeled neurochemicals and biochemicals for life science research - [e]

GE Healthcare
A world leader research supplier for protein separations, genomics, proteomics, bioassays, informatics, cellular analysis, gene expression, genetic sequencing, genetic variation, nucleic acid analysis, spectrophotometry. Formerly: Amersham - [e]

International Isotopes Inc.
Nuclear Medicine Isotope Supplier - Radioactive Isotopes for Medical Applications - [e]

METIS Laboratories Inc.
Metis Laboratories is a CRO specializing in radiometric assays, ADME, screening, imaging and custom radiolabeling but also has a catalog of specialty radiochemicals for the international neuroscience and drug development community - [e]

Moravek Biochemicals and Radiochemicals
13C, 14C, 2H, 3H, 15N, 35S labeled and non-labeled compounds - [e]

MP Biomedicals
... is dedicated to giving scientists and researchers innovative, quality tools and superior service to aid them in their quest for ground-breaking discovery and turning the hope for life-changing solutions into a reality - [e]

Tjaden Biosciences
... is committed to providing the highest quality radiochemical products, radiosynthesis, radiolabeling, and other services at affordable prices by offering superior customer service in combination with fundamental radiochemical knowledge and expertise, and a broader understanding of modern analytical and quality needs - [e]

... is a manufacturer of high-quality radiolabeled chemicals - [e]

United Kingdom

... is a world class leading provider of early stage and specialist drug development services to clients worldwide, providing Radiochemistry, Drug Metabolism and E-fate solutions - [e]

European Union

The Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. (Izotop) is dealing with the research, development and production of a wide variety of radioactive isotopes and other products for a broad range of application areas, especially healthcare, research and industry - [e]

THP Medical Products
Radiopharmazeutika, Medical-Imaging und In-vitro-Assays sowie Softwarelösungen für die Diagnostik - [d, e]


Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.
... is specialized in providing the best quality of the Light Stable sotopes,Radioisotope,Deuterium, Carbon-13, Nitrogen-15, Oxygen-18, Sulfur-34 - [e, cn]

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Book recommendation

József Kónya

Nuclear and Radiochemistry

The field of nuclear and radiochemistry is wide-reaching, with results having functions and use across a variety of disciplines. Drawing on 40 years of experience in teaching and research, this concise book explains the basic principles and applications of the primary areas of nuclear and radiochemistry. Separate chapters cover each main area of recent radiochemistry. This includes nuclear medicine and chemical aspects of nuclear power plants, namely the problems of nuclear wastes and nuclear analysis (both bulk and surface analysis), with the analytical methods based on the interactions of radiation with matter. Furthermore, special attention is paid to thermodynamics of radioisotope tracer methods, the very diluted system (carrier-free radioactive isotopes) and the principles of chemical processes with unsealed radioactive sources.

Elsevier; 2012

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