Safety Cabinets

Manufacturers of safety cabinets, biocabinets and laminar flow cabinets.

A safety cabinet is a device for biological, biochemical, genetic, microbiological, etc. works. With its construction, it increases the safety and prevents the contamination of the samples as well as the environment. Depending on the performance of the safety cabinet safety classes I to III can be distinguished.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of safety cabinets for biological, biochemical, chemical and microbiological applications.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

Esco Global
… is recognized as a global player in containment, clean air and laboratory equipment technology - [e, …]

Thermo Scientific
Biological safety cabinets and clean benches - [e, …]


Berner International GmbH
Sicherheitswerkbänke für Zytostatika; Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbänke; Produktschutz-Werkbank Typ HWB - [d, e]

… bietet neben dem bekannten technischen Service, von der Wartung, über die Qualifizierung bis hin zum KI-Discus-Test, auch eine breite Palette von Sicherheitswerkbänken und Reinen Werkbänken des Herstellers ESCO an - [d, e]

Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbänke, Scherheitsklasse II nach DIN EN 12469 - [d, e]

Envair Deutschland GmbH
Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbänke - [d]

Integra Biosciences GmbH
Liefert NuAire Sicherheitswerkbänke - [d]

Schilling Engineering
Sicherheitsarbeitsbank der Klasse II / EN 12469 - [d, e]

Schlumbohm Medizin-Labor-Technologie
… bietet eine breite Palette von Sicherheitswerkbänken und Reinen Werkbänken an - [d]

Schulz Lufttechnik GmbH
Zytostatika-Werkbänke; Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbänke; Laminarflow-Geräte für mikrobiologische und biotechnische Arbeiten - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

Baker Company
Bakers cabinets and hoods offer the industry’s best features for a more comfortable work environment, a higher level of productivity, and lower lifetime energy and filter costs - [e]

Biological safety cabinets for all of your microbiological research needs. Ergonomic biosafety cabinet design improves laboratory safety and process accuracy - [e]

South Coast Enterprises
… offers a full line of flammable chemical and acid / corrosive chemical storage cabinets for all safety cabinet purposes - [e]

United Kingdom

Bigneat Containment Technology
… is an innovator in the design of Ductless Fume Cabinets, utilising carbon and HEPA filtration technology. Ductless Fume Hoods are suitable as alternatives or can be used in addition to Fume Cupboards for many laboratory procedures - [e]

Bioquell UK Limited
… has developed a unique and patent-protected range of bio-decontamination technology which uses hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) to bio-deactivate micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Astec Microflow - [e]

European Union

… is a Danish Company that specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and industrial equipments in the fields of Clean Air & Laminar Flow, Vacuum & Cooling, Centrifugation and Environmental control. Scanlaf: laminar flow technology - [e, dk]


BIO Cabinets Australia
Bio-Cabinets provide Australian laboratories with a premium range of quality biological safety equipment, laboratory animal facility, forensic and contamination control lab equipment - [e]


Microzone Corporation
… has been designing and manufacturing various forms of environmental air control equipment to meet the specialized needs of science and technology - [e]


Biobase Biodustry (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
Biological safety cabinets: class I, class II, class III; accessories - [e, cn]


Faster S.r.l.
Laboratory laminar airflow cabinets: microbiological safety cabinets, cytotoxix drug cabinets, vertical and horizontal. Industrial laminar airflow systems - [e]

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