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Internetchemistry sees itself as the intermediary between information seekers in the world of chemistry and the websites that provide this information.

Information of Pure and Applied Chemistry are in the forefront - rounded out by commercial information that is useful for daily work.

Another area contains current topics: reports from research and teaching, chemistry jobs, lists of research articles in scientific journals.

Internetchemistry.com is generally a source of free information - for both sides. Sites, company websites, products, technical papers, press releases, etc. can be listed or published without charge.


Information areas

Current Topics: Internetchemis.com provides current scientific information on the following areas:
Job and Career:
Jobs in the field of chemistry.
  Research and Development:
  News section with reports, articles and press releases on chemistry and basic research in related fields of knowledge.
  Overview of the latest research articles in national and international scientific magazines and journals.
  RSS news feeds with articles and press releases of scientific institutions.
  Chemistry in German And also all in German language!
Chemical Information: Information and information resources on all areas of chemistry, divided into:
Chemistry A to Z:
Internet resources for chemistry, biochemistry and natural science topics, categorized into different themes.
Database: Chemicals
Chemical database of information on manufacturers, supplies and material-specific properties.
Products and Manufacturers
Directory of products and manufacturers of laboratory equipment, chemical products and services.
Chemical Literature
In many places of the website, reference is made to current literature. A special chemistry book store invites you to browse and buy.
Chemistry Search Internet Chemistry offers several search tools to facilitate the fastest possible retrieval of information.
Chemical Search Form
  Search for chemical information on this and on other selected pages.
Search for Chemicals
  Search for chemicals by entering the structure, name, CAS, InChI etc.



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