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Energy Metabolism

Energy Metabolism

The energy metabolism is a set of biochemical processes in living organism for the production, transportation and storage of energy.

Online available information resoures about the energy metabolism of living organism.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Energy Metabolism
Metabolic Integration and Organ Specialization - Format: PDF - [e]

Energy Metabolism
Lecture notes - Format: PDF - [e]

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Metabolism, metabolic pathways

Methane metabolism
Metabolic reference pathway. Kegg Database - [e]

Nitrogen metabolism
Metabolic reference pathway. Kegg Database - [e]

Oxidative phosphorylation
Metabolic reference pathway. Kegg Database, Japan - [e]

Sulfur metabolism
Metabolic reference pathway. Kegg Database - [e]

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News Archive

New study reveals the protein that makes phosphate chains in yeast
Phosphate chains store energy and have many more different functions in a cell. - [e]

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Energy Metabolism
Energy, metabolism, biochemistry
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