Alchemy, History of Chemistry.

Alchemy is a historical term for one of the precursors of the modern chemistry. Alchemy is also an ancient branch of natural philosophy and was replaced by modern chemistry and pharmacology in the course of the 17th and 18th centuries.

One goal of the alchemists was often the transmutation of base metals to gold and silver. That this was possible, however, was by no means universally accepted among scholars in the Middle Ages; great scientists such as Avicenna, Ramon Lull and Arnaldus von Villanova rejected this.

The philosopher´s stone was a special tincture that would allow the conversion of a base metal to gold or silver-comparable to a catalyst of modern chemistry.

The oldest known records of alchemy, especially the Tabula Smaragdina, are from ancient Egypt and hellenistic Greece.

The Tabula Smaragdina was the basic book of the western alchemists. It is an originally Greek - and later in Latin translated - collection of few, difficult to understand, and interpretable sentences, in which the entire world should be contained.

Today´s chemistry only uses rudimentary approaches and methods of alchemy. Rather, some ideas and ways of thinking were taken over by philosophies.

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General Information

General Information

Alchemical texts
Collection of historical alchemical texts. Levity

Ancient and modern, eBook - Format: PDF

Information on Alchemy

Principles of Alchemy (Chemistry)

A short introduction. The Catholic Encyclopedia

Alchemy Lab
... is dedicated to helping individuals understand and apply the principles of alchemy

Alchemy Museum
... is organised and run by The Civic Association for an Alchemy Museum in Kutná Hora

Alchymistic Symbols
An exploration - Format: PDF

An Illustrated History
… of alchemy and early chemistry - Format: PDF

Aurum potabile
English Translation: Warnung, Instruction und Beweis, gegen alle die, so dass Aureum potabile ausserhalb des Process und præparation Tinctur des universals Lapidis Philosophici, sich selbst und anderen fälschlich & sinistrè in wenig zeit solchs per se zuverfertigen und zubereiten persuadiren und fürnemen. Durch einen Sophie Laboris Studiosum, den wahren Filiis Doctrinæ zu guttem, breviter describirt und an tag geben. Levity

Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica
The J. R. Ritman Library of Hermetic Philosophy, Amsterdam

Chemical Genealogy Database
The starting points for this Database are usually chemists, so that this is a Chemical genealogy database; some scientists from other disciplines are included as the lines are traced

Chemistry Timeline
Ancient Alchemy - Format: PDF

Chinese Alchemy
Science and magic in Ge Hong's Baopu-zi nei pian; resources on Chinese alchemy; bibliography. Levity

Chinese alchemy
Collection of articles

Coloured alchemical emblems
Image gallery. Levity

Corpus Stavish
Home page for the writings of Mark Stavish

Database of Alchemical Manuscripts
Lists of about 4000 manuscripts from over 100 libraries. Levity

Die Zwölf Schlüssel des Basilius Valentinus
Transcribed by Johann Plattner from Aus Fr. Basilii Valentini Benedictiner Ordens Chymische Schriften .... Levity

Francis Bacon - The Making of Gold
Part of "Sylva Sylvarum, or a Naturall Historie in ten Centuries ...". Levity

History of Alchemy
... from Ancient Egypt to Modern Times

Joannes Agricola - Treatise on Gold
Historical text by Johann Agricola, 1589 - 1643. Levity

Secret symbols of the Rosicrucians
This 18th century compendium, drew on 17th century alchemical sources such as Adrian von Mynsich, with mystical pieces from Valentin Weigel, and Abraham von Franckenberg's works on Jacob Boehme. Levity

Sendivogius - The New Chemical Light
Key work of 17th century alchemy, appears to have been first published in 1608. Levity

Stories of alchemical transmutations
Collection of historical documents. Levity

Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis
Commentaries on the Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries

The Alchemical Process of Transformation
… by Nigel Hamilton, 1985 - Format: PDF

The Alchemy and it´s big masterpiece the stone of wisdom
Document "Die Alchimie und ihr großes Meisterwerk der Stein der Weisen" in German. Levity

The alchemy web site and virtual library
Over 150 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Levity

The Book of Quintessence
... is a work that presents magic as it actually claims to have been practiced in the latter part of Europe's medieval period


Alchemy Journal
... is a free email magazine devoted to the ancient art of transformation

The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry

International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry


Chemical Heritage Foundation
CHF maintains world-class collections, including instruments and apparatus, rare books, fine art, and the personal papers of prominent scientists, all related to the chemical and molecular sciences

Forschungskreis Alchemie e.V.
A German research group - [d]

Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Alchemy

Book recommendation

Robert Bartlett

Real Alchemy, A Primer of Practical Alchemy

Real Alchemy is an easy to understand manual in Practical Alchemy. It explores the History of Alchemy to the present day, as well as practical techniques for beginning the Alchemical Work in the Laboratory. It is written by Modern Day Alchemist and Chemist, Robert Allen Bartlett. Robert was a student of Frater Albertus founder of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert became the Chief Chemist at Paralab, the commercial offshoot of the PRS College. Robert Bartlett is currently an Adept member of the International Alchemy Guild, and teaches classes locally in the Seattle area as well as online at the He also produces a line of spagyric products.

Spagyricus; 2007

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