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Chemistry and Physics of the Carbon Oxides

Carbon Oxides


Online available information resources on the chemistry and the physics of the carbon oxides.

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Current Stories and Reports

Caging Carbon Dioxide
Getting a grip on CO2 capture - Canadian researchers 'see' how to capture carbon dioxide. - [e]

Carbon Dioxide Capture
Opening the Door for CO2: Flexible, three-dimensional lattice binds carbon dioxide selectively and efficiently - [e]

Carbon Dioxide Storage
A new method to cleaner and more efficient CO2 capture. - [e]

Carbon Monoxide Detection
Colorful warning: selective, sensitive CO detection with a rhodium complex - [d, e]

Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide with Chemicals
The American Physical Society has released a new assessment - Direct Air Capture of CO2 with Chemicals - to better inform the scientific community on the technical aspects of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. - [e]

Direct observation of carbon monoxide binding
Scientists have deciphered the mechanism for binding of gas molecules to iron and cobalt porphyrins - [d, e]

Carbon dioxide photoreduction

Artikel lesen ...

Efficient and Clean Photoreduction of Carbon Dioxide to CO

A way to break down a greenhouse gas - [e]

Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Methanol

Artikel lesen ...

Scientists transform carbon dioxide into methanol

About a green method for sequestration and conversion of greenhouse gas - [e]

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Chemistry and Physics of the Carbon Oxides
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