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Chemistry Competitions and Awards

Contests and awards in the field of chemistry.


Contests and prizes in chemistry there in many forms - from chemistry at school to research prices.

About the topics, target groups, participation conditions and requirements for the submission of papers, please check out the website of the provider and host.

List of chemistry cometitions and contests. See also: chemistry competitions and awards in Germany.

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Anselme Payen Award
... is international, and all scientists conducting research in the field of cellulose are eligible for nomination.

Davy Medal
... is awarded by the Royal Society of London for an outstandingly important recent discovery in any branch of chemistry

Dreyfus Prize
... in the chemical sciences.

Gregori Aminoff Prize
... is intended to reward a documented, individual contribution in the field of crystallography.

International Chemistry Olympiad
Regulations, participating countries, protocols, previous award winners, organization, etc.

International Chemistry Tournament
... is a team and quite creative competition.

International Palladium Medal
... an award given annually by the Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) in New York to someone who has made outstanding contributions to the chemical industry on an international level.

Nobel Prize
All about the Nobel Prize Awarded Achievements

United States of America, USA

American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal
... is the highest award of the American Institute of Chemists and given annually to a person who has stimulated activities of service to the science of chemistry or the profession of chemist or chemical engineer in the United States of America.

Chemical Industry Medal
... is an annual American award given to an industrial chemist by the Society of Chemical Industry, SCI.

Chemical Pioneer Award
... is awarded by the American Institute of Chemists to recognize chemists or chemical engineers who have made outstanding contributions to advances in chemistry or the chemical profession.

Chemistry Olympiad
The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad and the International Chemistry Olympiad are multi-tiered competitions that bring together the world’s most talented high school students to test their knowledge and skills in chemistry

Eli Lilly Award
... in Biological Chemistry.

Iota Sigma Pi
... is a national honor society for women in chemistry (USA).

United Kingdom

Competitions in Chemistry
Chemistry World's science communication competition. RSC

International Chemistry Olympiad
The RSC organises the selection and training of the UK team for the International Chemistry Olympiad competition. An Online Chemistry Olympiad for UK lower sixth students and a Chemistry Check-up test are also available

European Union

... will be given to a younger scientist in her/his early career, doing exciting and top-level research in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry in a laboratory of a European country


Australian National Chemistry Quiz
The Quiz is a unique chemical education activity. It provides a major focus for secondary school students on the relevance of chemistry in an exciting and stimulating way. Much of the success of the Quiz rests with the teachers who promote and run the Quiz in their schools and the coordinators who help organise the Quiz in their countries


Fritz Feigl Prize
... for scientific achievements in the field of analytical chemistry


Canadian Chemistry Contest
Is chemistry one of your strengths? Then test your skills and measure yourself against fellow students who share the same passion

CIC Medal
The Chemical Institute of Canada Medal is given to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the science of chemistry or chemical engineering in Canada.


Demidov Prize
... is a national scientific prize in Russia awarded annually to the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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