Information resources on chemotaxonomy and chemosystematics.

Chemotaxonomy - or chemosystematics - is the classification (= taxonomy) of organisms based on differences and similarities in their biochemistry.

Online available information resources on chemotaxonomy.


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Current Articles

Three-dimensional Chemical Patterns
Glowing spirals: chemical scaffolds guide living cells into precisely defined three-dimensional patterns

General Information

An overview of Chemotaxonomy
... and ist role in creating a phylogenic classification system - Format: PDF

Special Information

... in relation to molecular phylogeny of plants - Format: PDF

Cyperus L.
Chemotaxonomic clarification of pharmaceutically important species of Cyperus L. Article, 2011 - Format: PDF

Terpenoids and Essential Oils
Article: Importance of Terpenoids and Essential Oils in Chemotaxonomic Approach - Format: PDF

Turkish Salvia
Chemotaxonomic Evaluation of Species of Turkish Salvia: Fatty Acid Composition of Seed Oils. Article, 2007 - Format: PDF

Willow Species
To chemotaxonomy of willow species. Article, 2007 - Format: PDF


Machine learning techniques applied to chemotaxonomy and ligand-based virtual screening
Dissertation, 2007. University of Erlangen

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