Electrolytic Conductivity.

The electrochemical conductivity (specific conductance) is a measure of the ability of an electrolyte solution to conduct electricity - unit: S/m (Siemens/metre).

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials
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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Theory and practice - Format: PDF

Conductivity and Solution Stoichiometry Conductivity and Solution Stoichiometry
... of aqueous reactions - Format: PDF

Conductivity of Electrolyte Solutions
Transport of ions in solution - Format: PDF

Ionic Conductors
Lecture notes and miltiple choice test

Molar Conductivity
Conductance of electrolytic solution - Format: PDF

The story of conductivity
Fundamentals; the history of conductivity; electricity and ohm's law; ions in water, and conductivity; strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes; measuring conductivity. Horiba

Theory and application of conductivity
Application Data Sheet - Format: PDF


Conductance Measurements
Theory - Format: PDF

Partial Information

Capacitor Terms
Glossary of Capacitor Terms

Special Information

Electrical Conductivity of Biodiesel. Results Courtesy of the National Biodiesel Board - Format: PDF

Cement Paste Pore Solutions
Estimating the electrical conductivity of cement paste pore solutions from OH, K, and Na concentrations

Ionic Liquids
Computing the static conductivity of ionic liquids. Dissertation, 2008. Vienna University

Low Electrolytic Conductivity Standards
Scientific report, 1995. NIST, USA - Format: PDF

Molality-based primary standard
... of electrolytic conductivity. IUPAC - Format: PDF

Historical Facts and Documents

Lars Onsager
Biography; Nobel Lecture; Resources. Nobelprize

Peter Debye
Biography; Nobel Lecture; Resources. Nobelprize

Data and Databases

Chemical Elements
Periodic table of elements sorted by electrical conductivity

Online Calculation

TDS and Electrical Conductivity
The table stated below can be used to calculate the TDS (total dissolved solids) as well as the cation and anion composition from a water analysis

Related Books and Scientific Literature: Conductivity

Book recommendation

Carl H. Hamann, Andrew Hamnett, Wolf Vielstich, Teresa Iwasita


This second, completely updated edition of a classic textbook provides a concise introduction to the fundamental principles of modern electrochemistry, with an emphasis on applications in energy technology. The renowned and experienced scientist authors present the material in a didactically skilful and lucid manner. They cover the physical-chemical fundamentals as well as such modern methods of investigation as spectroelectrochemistry and mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis and production methods, as well as fuel cells and micro- and nanotechnology. The result is a must-have for advanced chemistry students as well as those studying chemical engineering, materials science and physics.

Wiley-VCH; 2007

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