Electrolytic Conductivity.

The electrochemical conductivity (specific conductance) is a measure of the ability of an electrolyte solution to conduct electricity - unit: S/m (Siemens/metre).

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Theory and practice - Format: PDF

Conductivity and Solution Stoichiometry Conductivity and Solution Stoichiometry
... of aqueous reactions - Format: PDF

Conductivity of Electrolyte Solutions
Transport of ions in solution - Format: PDF

Ionic Conductors
Lecture notes and miltiple choice test

Molar Conductivity
Conductance of electrolytic solution - Format: PDF

The story of conductivity
Fundamentals; the history of conductivity; electricity and ohm's law; ions in water, and conductivity; strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes; measuring conductivity. Horiba

Theory and application of conductivity
Application Data Sheet - Format: PDF


Conductance Measurements
Theory - Format: PDF

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Capacitor Terms
Glossary of Capacitor Terms