Formulae Collections

Scientific and technical formulas.

Collections of - in this case scientific - formulas, usually to defined topics, such as chemistry, physics, mathematics. The corresponding collection lists formulas, rules and methods on the subject, but usually without further explanation.

A formula in this context represents a mathematical or physical relationship, usually in the form of an equation. To differentiate is the chemical formula that, depending on the type, showing the composition and optionally structural features of a chemical compound.

Below is a list of online available scientific formulas, rules and methods with a focus on chemistry and physics.


General Information

General Information

Astronomy Formulas

Bond Enthalpies
Average bond enthalpies in kJ/mol

Reference Tables for Physical Setting - Format: PDF

Common Equations
... used in chemistry - Format: PDF

Distances, volumes, time scales in cosmology - Format: PDF

Electrical Engineering
Basic electrical engineering formulas - Format: PDF

Engineering Formulas

Euler Constant
Collection of formulae for Euler's constant - Format: PDF

Data table: acid-base indicators - Format: PDF

Common ions: periodic chart of ions - Format: PDF

Tables of common polyatomic ions

Magnet Formulas
A small web site devoted to the vanishing art of practical magnet design without FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Mathematical Tables and Formulas
This site is a place for students and educators to quickly access mathematical formulas

1300 math formulas - Format: PDF

Formulas and Tables

Measurement Formulas
Here are some measurement formulas from the different parts of geometry. You'll find some two-dimensional and some three-dimensional formulas (USA) [e]

Mechanical Engineering
Data and formulae - Format: PDF

Quantum Mechanics
Collection of formulae - Format: PDF

of common compounds in water - Format: PDF

Tesla Coil Formulas
Tesla coil formulas for a reference to those who prefer to make calculations on paper

Thermochemical Data
of selected elements and compounds - Format: PDF

Basic thermodynamics formulas - Format: PDF

Basic water and wastewater formulas - Format: PDF

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