Sonochemistry (also: ultrasonic chemistry) is the study of the chemical changes that occur in the presence of sound or ultrasound.

Besides mechanochemistry and microwave chemistry (heat) the sonochemistry concerned with the effect of external physical influences, in particular in the synthesis of chemical compounds.

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General Information

An introduction. Organic Chemistry Portal

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

... in organic chemistry - Format: PDF

Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry
Introduction to Cavitation; Sonoluminescence; Sonochemistry - Format: PDF

Ultrasound Cavitation Phenomenon
Sonochemical applications in organic synthesis - Format: PDF

Partial Information

Materials Science
Sonochemistry and its Application in Materials Science - Format: PDF

Special Information

Acoustic Cavitation
Chemical effects of acoustic cavitation. Dissertation, 2004. CalTech, USA

Amorphous iron
Sonochemical synthesis of amorphous iron - Format: PDF

Erlenmeyer synthesis of azalactones by sonochemical reaction in ionic liquids. Scientific paper, 2009 - Format: PDF

Destruction of Hazardous Substances
An Investigation of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sonochemistry for the Destruction of Hazardous Substances. Scientific report - Format: PDF

Sonochemistry of Selected Hydrocarbons, Sulfur-containing and Nitrogen-containing Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solutions and Nonaqueous Liquids. Dissertation, 2005. University of Jena, Germany

Molybdenum Sulfide
Sonochemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Molybdenum Sulfide - Format: PDF

Organic Synthesis
Ultrasound assisted organic synthesis (sonochemistry) - Format: PDF

Organic Synthesis
Sonochemistry: Ultrasound applications in organic synthesis - Format: PDF

Dissertation, 2008. TechnischeUniversiteitEindhoven, Netherlands - Format: PDF

Sonochemical Surface Modification
An Evaluation of Sonochemical Surface Modification for Electronic Manufacture. Loughborough University, UK - Format: PDF

Nucleation of ammonium sulfate and alfa-lactose monohydrate due to ultrasonic irradiation

Sonochemical Effects of Ultrasonication


Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
... has developed out of the well-established journal Ultrasonics and is available either as a part of the subscription to the main journal or separately on its own. Elsevier


Acoustical Society of America

European Society of Sonochemistry

Japan Society of Sonochemistry, JSS

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