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Thermodynamics is the study of the effects of work, heat, and energy on a system.

Online vailable information on chemical thermodynamics.

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General Information

A Notebook for Topics in Thermodynamics of Solutions and Liquid Mixtures
Over three hundred Topics in Thermodynamics describe the thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions and aqueous mixtures. University of Leicester, UK - [e]

Biochemical Thermodynamics
IUBMB-IUPAC Recommendations for nomenclature and tables in biochemical thermodynamics - [e]

Heat and Thermodynamics
A comprehensive online physics handbook. HyperPhysics - [e]

An introduction; basic information - [e]

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Atomistic Thermodynamics
Lecture notes - Format: PDF - [e]

Chemical Thermodynamics
Theory, lecture notes. University of the West Indies, Jamaica - Format: PDF - [e]

Intermediate Thermodynamics
Lecture notes. University of Iowa, USA - [e]

Internal Combustion Engine Thermodynamics Outline
Text collection. Colorado State University, USA - [e]

Thermodynamic Relations
Lecture notes; theory and formulas. Berkeley University, USA - Format: PDF - [e]

Work, heat and the first law of thermodynamics - Format: PDF - [e]

Heat, Work, Internal Energy, Enthalpy, and the First Law - Format: PDF - [e]

Lecture notes. MIT, USA - [e]

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics: Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, and Equilibrium; lecture notes. University of Pittsburgh, USA - [e]

Physical chemistry lecture notes - [e]

Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
An intermediate level course - lecture notes. University of Texas, USA - [e]

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
Lecture notes; MIT OpenCourseWare - [e]

Thermodynamics for Geoscientists
Lecture notes; MIT OpenCourseWare - [e]

Thermodynamics of Materials
Lecture notes; MIT OpenCourseWare - [e]

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Historical Facts and Documents

History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Sketching the History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics - from about 1575 to 1980 - [e]

History of Thermodynamics
A Concise History of Thermodynamics is an excerpt from a biography entitled Josiah Willard Gibbs, the History of a Great Mind - [e]

Steam Engine Library
Articles and historical documents. University of Rochester - [e]

The Pneumatics of Hero of Alexandria
Historical document. University of Rochester - [e]

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Thermodynamics demonstrations
42 thermodynamics demonstrations; brief descriptions and diagrams - [e]

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Data and Databases

Group Additivity Based Estimates
Estimates of gas phase thermodynamic properties based on a submitted structure. NIST, USA - [e]

Molar Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solutes
Science data tables. University of Manchester, UK - [e]

Molar Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Substances
Science data tables. University of Manchester, UK - [e]

An Index of Selected Thermodynamic and Physical Property Resources. University of Texas, USA - [e]

Thermodynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
Standard Reference Database 74. NIST, USA - [e]

Thermodynamics properties data of the elements
Data collection. WebElements, UK - [e]

Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems
Accurate thermophysical properties are available for several fluids. NIST, USA - [e]

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Software and Programs

Enthalpy and Gibbs Free Energy Calculator
The purpose of this calculator is to calculate the value of the enthalphy of a reaction (delta H) or the Gibbs free energy of a reaction (delta G) - [e]

Statistical Thermodynamics Computational Site
Online calculations - [e]

Thermodynamics Software
Equations of state, chemical reaction equilibrium, phase equilibrium, distillation, chemical kinetics, processing of experimental data - [d, e]

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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
... is an interdisciplinary journal exploring new ideas in continuum and quasi-continuum modeling of systems with a large number of degrees of freedom and sufficient complexity to require thermodynamic closure. Springer - [e]

International Journal of Thermodynamics
The aim of this journal is to serve as a forum and central source of reference for applied and theoretical thermodynamics with emphasis on the dissemination of technical information of permanent interest, particularly in current applications and proposed improvement in industry. International Centre for Applied Thermodynamics, Turkey - [e]

Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics
... exists primarily for dissemination of significant new measurements in experimental thermodynamics and thermophysics including calorimetry, phase equilibria, equilibrium thermodynamic properties and transport properties. Elsevier, Netherlands - [e]

Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
... serves as an international publication organ for new ideas, insights and results on non-equilibrium phenomena in science, engineering and related natural systems. deGruyter - [e]

The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics
… exists primarily for dissemination of significant new measurements in experimental thermodynamics and thermophysics including bio-thermodynamics, calorimetry, phase equilibria, equilibrium thermodynamic properties and transport properties. Elsevier - [e]

The Open Thermodynamics Journal
Topics covered in the journal include, heat mass transfer, thermophysics, chemical thermodynamics, combustion science, fuel science, fluid phase properties, thermodynamic engineering, cryoengineering and cryogenics. Bentham, UK - [e]

Thermochimica Acta
An International Journal Concerned with All Aspects of Thermoanalytical and Calorimetric Methods and their Application to Experimental Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering. Elsevier - [e]

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International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics
IACT has been set up to continue, and indeed to expand, the excellent work of the former IUPAC Commission on Chemical Thermodynamics in establishing the highest standards in thermodynamics research and in routine thermodynamic property measurements; in promoting the critical compilation, and dissemination and application of thermodynamic data, and in advancing the theoretical understanding of such properties - [e]

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William M. Haynes (Editor)

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics continues to offer the most authoritative, up-to-date data to scientists around the world. This edition will contain revisions, updates, and expansions to tables elucidating the composition and properties of various natural oils and fats, interatomic distances, heats of combustion for alternative fuels, gas hydrate properties, wind scales, solvent vapor pressures, and newly approved physical constants, and more!

Mirroring the growth and direction of science for a century, the Handbook, now in its 93rd edition, continues to be the most accessed and respected scientific reference in the world. An authoritative resource consisting tables of data, its usefulness spans every discipline. This edition includes seventeen new tables in the Analytical Chemistry section, a major update of the CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants and updates to many other tables. The book puts physical formulas and mathematical tables used in labs every day within easy reach. The 93rd edition is the first edition to be available as an ebook.

Taylor & Francis; 93 edition; 2012


Milo D. Koretsky

Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics

Whether you learn best by applying knowledge, assimilating information through visuals, working equations, or reading explanations of concepts, Milo Koretsky’s Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics provides the support you need to develop a deeper and more complete understanding of thermodynamics and its application to real-world problems.

•An integrated presentation of molecular concepts with thermodynamic principles provides greater access to the material than mathematical derivations alone.

Wiley; 2012

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