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Aerogel Suppliers

Vendors of Aerogels and Aerogel-Products.


The aerogels are nanoporous, ultralight materials having a high absorption capacity of foreign substances and a very high insulation effect. On the market a number of materials are available which contain inorganic and organic aerogels. The main application is the insulation of buildings and other facilities for thermal insulation.

Below you will find suppliers and manufacturers of aerogels.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

High performance insulation with organic aerogel

... is the world’s only reliable source for monolithic aerogels and is a distributor of aerogel granules and insulating aerogel composite blankets. Whether for scientific research, small- or large-scale engineering projects, casual experimentation, or just to have for curiosity’s sake, you’ve come to the right place to purchase a variety of different types, shapes, and sizes of aerogel materials

... has been producing ist aerogel since 2003 at ist state-of-the-art plant in Frankfurt, Germany. Cabot is the only company to develop a commercialized process that allows continuous production of the material under ambient conditions


High-performance insulating plaster system

Mineral high-performance insulating plaster with airgel granules

Heck Wall Systems
Achieve the required or desired insulation values with extremely thin layers

Aerogel granules as injection insulation

BASF high-performance insulation with organic aerogel

Aerogel special insulation materials

United States of America, USA

Aerogel Technologies
... is a technology-centered company specialized in the manufacture of aerogel materials and aerogel production technologies

Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
... is the global leader in Aerogel technology

AeroZero® is an advanced porous material produced using a synthetic organic polymer boasting high strength to density ratios, extreme temperature durability, low thermal conductivity and a low dielectric constant

Nanogel® aerogel

Taasi Aerogel Technologies
... has developed a range of engineered Aerogel materials for commercial applications under the trade name of Pristina™ Aerogels


Bellis Australia
Bellis Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with Aspen Aerogels Inc. USA to bring stock their unique and cutting edge thermal insulation products to Australia


Airgel mats for high performance insulation

Aerogel granules


JIOS Aerogel Corporation
JIOS AeroVa®, the finest grade silica aerogel powder available. Korea.


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