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Manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals for agriculture.


Agrochemicals is a generic term for chemical substances and mixtures used in agriculture and horticulture for various purposes, such as fertilizers, plant protection products (pesticides), preservatives, silicants, soil improvers, etc.

The branch of chemistry dealing with chemical questions of agriculture as well as with the chemicals used here is agrochemistry.

The following is a list of manufacturers and distributors of agrochemicals worldwide.

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ADAMA Deutschland
Development, registration, production and distribution of crop protection products in Germany and Europe - [d]

Production and sales GmbH - [d]

BASF Pflanzenschutz
Agricultural pages of BASF - [d, e]

Borealis AG
Fertilizer - [d, e]

Fertilizers, crop protection - [d]

Corteva Deutschland
Du Pont de Nemours (Germany) GmbH - [d]

Düka Düngekalkgesellschaft mbH
Fertilizer - [d]

Düngekalk Hauptgemeinschaft
... in the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry - [d]

EuroChem Agro
Fertilizers etc. - [d, e]

Humic acid based product
Humic Acid, Sodium Humate, Potassium Humate - [d, e]

ICL Fertilizers
Fertilizer - [d, e]

Jost GmbH
Micronutrient and special fertilizer - [d]

... emerged from the merger of the business activities of fertiva with parts of the COMPO professional business. nitrogenous fertilizers - [d, e]

Manufacturer of crop protection and animal care products - [d]

OCI Nitrogen
... produces ammonia, mineral fertilizers and melamine. The head office for the Agro division is in the Netherlands - [d, e, f, nl]

Saltigo GmbH
... offers a full range of products and services tailored to the requirements of the crop protection industry - [e]

Dressing agents and dressing auxiliaries for perfect seed protection - [d, e, f]

SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH
Products; agricultural application research - [d, e]

Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH
Special fertilizers, crop protection. Now: Cosaco - [d, e]

Syngenta Agro GmbH
... is a global leader in crop protection and plant breeding - [d]

Temmen GmbH
Biological crop protection - [d]

Timac Agro Deutschland
Agricultural products for plant and animal production - [d]

United States of America, USA

... provides innovative technologies for crop protection, pest and vegetation management, seeds, traits, and agricultural biotechnology to serve the world's growing population - [e]

United Kingdom

Fine Agrochemicals Limited
... focuses on the development and marketing of plant growth regulators for fruit and ornamental crops - [e]

Headland Agrochemicals Ltd.
A leading supplier of both speciality and generic crop protection products, micronutrients and adjuvants to agriculture and horticulture both in the UK and overseas - [e]

European Union

The largest fertilizer producer in the Czech Republic - [d, e, cz]


Sanonda Herbicides
Supplier of Herbicides and Agrochemicals - [e]


Schneiter Agro AG
Trade in products for plant protection and fertilization - [d, f]


Agro-care Chemical Industry Group Limited
Dimethoat, Ethephon and Carbofuran - [e]

Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
... is one of the strongest agrochemical manufacturers in China, and, globally, the most important agrochemical production and export base - [e, cn]

Greatvista Chemicals
... is engaged in the marketing of crop protection products such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, and fertilizers - [e]

... is a professional agrochemical and fine chemical manufacturer and supplier in China - [e]


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