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AOX analysis

AOX analysis

AOX - Analysis - Adsorbable Organic Halogens; measuring instruments, analytical services etc.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Thermo Scientific
The TOC/AOX 1200 analyzer from Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a reliable and accurate analysis for both TOC and AOX (TOX) parameters in liquids and solids samples - [e]

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Summenparameter; AOX, EOX, POX. Düsseldorf - [d]

Leistungsstarke Produkte für die Umwelt-/ Spurenanalytik - [d]

Analytik Jena
AOX-Analysatoren - [d]

Behr Labor-Technik GmbH
AOX-Analytik, AOX-Analysatoren. Die Behr Labor-Technik GmbH ist ein führender Hersteller von Laborgeräten für Umweltanalytik, Lebensmittelanalytik, Fertigungs- und Prozesskontrolle - [d, e]

Elektrochemie Halle, ECH
Probenvorbereitung, AOX-Analysator, Bestimmung von AOX in stark salzhaltigen Proben - [d]

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United States of America, USA

COSA Xentaur Instrument Corporation
Measure TOX / AOX / EOX / POX / TX / TS & TN concentrations from ppb to low % levels - [e]

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Econotech Services
Pulp and paper environmental analysis including organic halides (AOX), resin and fatty acids, and terpenes - [e]

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AOX analysis
AOX analysis, Adsorbable Organic Halogens, services, techniques, products, services
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Applications in Environmental, Food and Materials Analysis, Biotechnology, and Medical Engineering.

This best-selling title both in German and English is now enhanced by a new chapter on the important topical subject of measurement uncertainty, plus a CD-ROM with interactive examples in the form of Excel-spreadsheets. These allow readers to gain an even better comprehension of the statistical procedures for quality assurance while also incorporating their own data. Following an introduction, the text goes on to elucidate the 4-phase model of analytical quality assurance: establishing a new analytical process, preparative quality assurance, routine quality assurance and external analytical quality assurance. Besides updating the relevant references, the authors took great care to incorporate the latest international standards in the field.

Wiley-VCH; 2007

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