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Biotechnology - Companies and Products

Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology is a scientific-technical branch that combines the knowledge of biochemistry and microbiology with the techniques methode of chemical engineering to produce biochetechnological products.

List of producer of biotechnological products.

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International manufacturer and supplier

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd.
... supplies research products for genomics, proteomics and immunology - [e]

Applikon Biotechnology
... is a multiple, independable producer of high-quality bioreactor systems - [e]

Beckman Coulter Genomics
… sets the standard for delivering expert genomics solutions to life science and healthcare businesses as well as academic and government institutions worldwide - [d, e]

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AHN Biotechnologie GmbH
In High-Tech Produktionsanlagen, die die hohen Anforderungen in der molekularbiologischen, biochemischen, zellbiologischen und pharmazeutischen Forschung und Routine erfüllen, werden innovative Präzisions-Pipettenspitzen, Präzisions-Filterspitzen, Ultra Low Retention Pipettenspitzen, Ultra Low Retention Filterspitzen, Digitale Micropipetten, Reaktions- und PCR-Gefäße, Filter-Microplates und Filtergefäße zur Filtration von Biomolekülen hergestellt - [d, e]

Amplius GmbH
Screening Technologies and Analytical Measurement - [e]

Bernd Euler Biotechnologie Mikrobiologie
Vertriebsunternehmen für Geräte und Verbrauchsmaterialien im Bereich der Biotechnologie, Biochemie, Mikrobiologie, Pharmazie und Lebensmitteltechnologie - [d]

BioGenes GmbH
... develops polyclonal antibodies in different species (rabbit, chicken, mouse and goat), and monoclonal antibodies using hybridoma and cell culture techniques - [d, e]

Buchholz Biotechnologie
... deals with analysis, research, production, and distribution in the fields of chemicals, biotechnology, and environmental protection - [d, e]

... enables its customers to capitalize on the synergies between pharmacy and biochemistry/biotechnology - [d, e]

... ist weltweit aktiv in der Prozesstechnik für die Fermentationsindustrie mit Schwerpunkten in der Essig- und Hefeindustrie - [d, e]

... is leading the way with powerful biocatalysts that integrate biology and chemistry - [e]

... ist ein innovatives Biotechnologie-Unternehmen im Bereich der molekularen Analytik. CONGEN ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung und Anwendung neuer Schnellnachweisverfahren im Bereich der Agro/Food-Analytik - [d, e]

Dr. Götz Verfahren-, Bio-, Umwelttechnik
Development, optimization and design of bioprocesses - [d, e]

ensymm: Technology Transfer for Biotechnology and Biotech Services
Ensymm provides its industrial partners with biotechnical projects and ideas created by researchers.ensymm consults it’s customers and connect foreign biotech companies (with their products) to appropriate distributors for the European market - [e]

Peqlab Biotechnologie GmbH
Produkte für Forschung, Klinik und Industrie; Online-Shop - [d, e]

Rentschler Biotechnologie
... entwickelt und produziert Biopharmaka als führendes, unabhängiges und international tätiges Service-Unternehmen - [d, e]

Sartorius AG
Biotechnology and Mechatronics for Laboratory and Process Industry - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

... delivers important, cost effective therapeutics based on cellular and molecular biology - [e]

... is a leading private biotechnology company focused on the development and manufacture of innovative biotechnology-based medicines - [e]

... is an integrated biotechnology company focused on the research and development of biopharmaceuticals, drug discovery and development - [e]

Blue Heron Biotechnology, Inc.
Blue Heron Bio's GeneMaker® proprietary, novel and high throughput design and synthesis platform synthesizes genes and synthetic DNA sequences economically and with perfect accuracy - [e]

Bolder BioTechnology, Inc.
... uses advanced protein engineering technologies to create proprietary human protein pharmaceuticals with enhanced therapeutic properties - [e]

EnCor Biotechnology Inc.
Development and commercialization of unique, well-characterized reagents and assays for academic and biopharmaceutical research - [e]

Genentech, Inc.
... the founder of the biotechnology industry, is a pioneer in biotechnology research and is a leading biotechnology company - [e]

Harbor Biotechnology, Inc.
... has developed a suite of three products that will enable your laboratory to perform a complete gene expression experiment - [e]

Mendel Biotechnology, Inc.
... is a functional genomics company that is committed to creating value through the discovery, development, and commercialization of knowledge about plant gene expression - [e]

Oppenheimer Biotechnology, Inc.
OBI produces naturally occurring microorganisms that recycle hydrocarbons - [e]

Shenandoah Biotechnology, Inc.
... is an emerging leader producing quality recombinant proteins for research use - [e]

Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
SBI researchers use a combination of science and cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions that help farmers, food companies, and consumers meet tomorrow's challenges - [e]

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Pierce Biotechnology
... is one of the first companies researchers turn to when they're conducting protein-studies and related research - [e]

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United Kingdom

... promoting a deeper understanding of food biotechnology in the UK and around the world - [e]

Prozomix Limited
... is a privately owned UK biotechnology company that develops, produces and supplies a large, diverse and rapidly expanding range of highly purified recombinant enzymes and proteins of known sequence with associated biochemical reagents, kits and services for the pure and applied researcher - [e]

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European Union

Solvo Biotechnology
... has been the pioneer and the leader in the commercialization of Membrane Transporter technologies - [Hungary, e]

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... is a world leader in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of biologically active proteins for cell culture and biomedical research - [e]

Prana Biotechnology Limited
... is a world leader in addressing the role of biological metals in human disease - [e]

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Cytos Biotechnology AG
... is a public Swiss biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of biopharmaceutical products - [e]

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KAM Biotechnology Ltd.
International experts in bio-remediation, non-toxic industrial products, bio-energy production, and sustainable industrial practices - [e]

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Yashrai Biotechnology Ltd.
Molecular diagnostics - [e]

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Biotechnology - Companies and Products
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