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Custom synthesis

Providers of contract research and order synthesis.


Suppliers of services in the area of contract research and custom chemical synthesis. Synthesis of not commercially available chemical compounds. The listed companies usually have experience, facilities and networks that enable these tasks.

Examples of contract research are the synthesis of special chemical compounds (order synthesis), the development of synthesis strategies, reactions and processes, fundamental research, etc. Special firms carry out orders of chemical analysis (see analytical laboratories) or the chemical-analytical method development or deal with the conception of industrial processes (chemical plant construction).

The following list shows providers of services in the field of chemical and natural sciences research and development as well as individual chemical syntheses: contract research and order synthesis.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Aurora Fine Chemicals
Specialized in chemical custom synthesis of novel and rare organic compounds in the scale from mg to kg quantities. More than 5000 building blocks for organic synthetic chemistry; 29,000 screening structures for HTS are available from stock - [e]


Accelero Bioanalytics
... is a contract research company for biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry based in Berlin. The focus is on the pharmacokinetics of novel nucleic acid therapeutics and their pharmacodynamics in biological systems (microRNA, miRNA, siRNA, aptamers, CpG oligos, ribozymes, decoy oligos, antisense oligos, transcripts, etc.). Services such as sandwich ligand binding assays, real-time RT-qPCR or immunological assays are fully in line with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) - [e, es, jp]

Alzchem Group
Custom synthesis - [d, e]

ASCA Angewandte Synthesechemie Adlershof GmbH
External research facility for companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry - [d, e]

ASM Research Chemicals
R&D organisation in the field of organic synthesis. Service covers contract research including the development of new and efficient synthetic routes, product synthesis on lab scale and technology transfer to manufacturing locations - [e]

Biaffin GmbH & Co KG
Analysis of biomolecular interactions (proteins, DNA, RNA, ligands, cofactors, drugs, antibodies,...) with the most modern biosensors using Surface Plasmon Resonance with minimal sample consumption - [d, e]

BioGenes GmbH
Custom development and production of antibodies and immunoassays - [d, e]

ChemCon GmbH
Custom syntheses and research, fields of activity and products: GMP development, GMP production, pharmaceuticals, generics, reference substances, bio-inorganics, bio-metals, neuroactive substances, peptides, research chemicals, microbiological investigations, etc. - [d, e]

ChiroBlock GmbH
... is an independent, research based chemical company - [e]

Endotherm Life Science Molecules
... offers exclusive research services for the production of medically relevant substances for the early phase of drug development - [d, e]

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft conducts research in hundreds of technology fields and makes the results available to industry in the form of patents, licenses, continuing education courses and, above all, in the form of contract research projects - [d, e]

... offers analytical services, contract research services and proprietary tools for the Health Care, Food and Biopharmaceutical Industry - [e]

IBACON - Institut für Biologische Analytik und Consulting IBACON GmbH
... is a leading contract research organization (CRO) providing services for the chemical industries - [e]

Labscale custom syntheses ...
... of organic building blocks and isotope labeled compounds (D, 13C, 15N) for chemical and pharmaceutical research and development. Witega - [d, e]

nanoAnalytics GmbH
… is an independent service company for surface, interface, thin-film and micro-area analyses. As a service, we offer you analyzes using XPS, ToF-SIMS, IR, REM/EDX, AFM or profilometer. A problem-oriented interpretation of the measurement data in a report is a matter of course - [d, e]

NMI Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut an der Universität Tübingen
The NMI conducts business-related contract research and development at the interface of life and material sciences - [d]

ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH
... is a producer of organic fine chemicals specializing in hazardous reactions on an exclusive basis and offers, among other things, the custom synthesis of high-quality organic intermediates for the pharmaceutical, electronic and fine chemical industries - [d, e, ru]

In order to research company-specific questions or to solve problems, PTS takes on research assignments for individual companies - [d, e]

ratiochem GmbH
... offers excellence in research, development and manufacturing of customized chemicals, intermediates and APIs according to specific needs - [d, e]

Moving ideas; Research, Development, Optimization - [d, e]

sema Gesellschaft für Innovationen mbH
Synthesis of non-commercially available special products with new and unusual structures, as well as conducting literature research for product development and obtaining technical information - [d, e]

... synthesis rare chemicals from the area of organic chemistry - [e]

Taros Custom Chemicals
... is a company that has been working in the field of custom synthesis with a large number of European companies from the pharmaceutical, crop protection and fine chemicals sectors for several years - [d, e]

Trigona Chemical Synthesis
... invests steadily into the development, production and application of useful intermediates. The result is a continuously growing range of special products which can be supplied from grams to many kilos - [e]

Laboratory for environmental analysis and contract research - [d]

Wacker Chemie AG
... is an experienced partner of the Life Science and Specialty Chemicals industries in the manufacture of intermediates - [d, e]

WITEGA Laboratorien Berlin-Adlershof GmbH
The company specializes in the laboratory synthesis of organic synthesis building blocks, active ingredients and fine chemicals to order. In addition, our offer includes the production of stable isotope-labeled compounds (D, 13C, 15N) - [e]

United States of America, USA

Biofine International Inc.
... provides specialized and custom-made products to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector - [e]

Biotium, Inc.
... is a leading provider of innovative fluorescence detection technologies and products for life science research - [e]

ChemPacific Corporation
... provides innovative APIs and intermediates developed by highly-trained scientists and professionals in our U.S. laboratories and Chinese factories to meet each pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical customer's requirements for speed, safety, reliability, quality and value - [e]

Oakwood Products, Inc.
... is a fine organics manufacturing facility located in West Columbia,South Carolina - [e]

Polysciences, Inc.
Our Custom Synthesis & Contract Manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer our customers creative solutions and flexible approaches to product formulations, manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing - [e]

... is a chemistry-focused drug discovery and development company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina - [e]

SynChem Inc.
Custom synthesis of complex organic molecules - [e]

Molecules for drug discovery - [e]

Tyger Scientific, Inc.
... is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals to many industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology, cosmetics and personal care, electronic, photographic, plastics and rubber - [e]

United Kingdom

Dextra Laboratories
Custom synthesis of carbohydrates and related compounds - [e]

... specialises in consultancy and laboratory based contract R&D supporting a range of industries including peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, polymer synthesis, biocatalysis, cell culture and all aspects of chromatography. The company also offers custom synthesis of peptides and contract purification of any molecule, small or large - [e]

European Union

Synthesis of Stable isotope labelled Compounds, Drugs standards metabolites, radiolabelled Precursors, Building Blocks. Rare chemistry. Custom synthesis services - [e]

... is the Spanish leading company in the field of Organic Synthetic Chemistry - [e, es]

TopChem Laboratories Ltd.
... is a contract research laboratory serving the Pharmaceutical Industry - [e]


Biosynth is a manufacturer of organic fine chemicals in the field of enzyme substrates and reagents, indole derivatives and specialty chemicals for microbiology, molecular biology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry - [e]

Interlabor Belp AG
Your independent and neutral service laboratory for top-class chemical, microbiological and genetic engineering analyses - [d, e]


GL Chemtec International
GL Chemtec International is a skilled research, development, and manufacturing organization, specializing in contract research projects and in the custom synthesis of complex molecules - [e]


Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
A leading, international specialty organic chemical manufacturer - [e, jp. d, ...]


Exclusive Chemistry Ltd
... is a chemistry-based company specializing in the design and synthesis of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical, drug discovery, agrochemical and biotechnology industries - [e]


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