Manufacturers and suppliers of technical, medicinal, laboratory, industrial and speciality gases.

A gas is a pase of matter, consisting of a collection of particles and characterized by low density, high fluidity, and lack of rigidity.

Manufacturers and suppliers of scientific and technical gases for use in laboratories, research, industry and medicine worldwide.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
United Kingdom

International manufacturer and supplier

Air Liquide
... is a world leader in industrial and medical gases - [e, ...]

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
... serves customers in industrial, energy, technology and healthcare markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials, and equipment and services - [e]

Linde Gas
... offer a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals, and we are therefore an important partner for a huge variety of industries - [d, e]

Messer Group
... supplies a wide variety of industrial gases in various mixtures and degrees of purity. The separation of air in air separation units is the most important means of manufacture - [d, e]


Air Liquide
... produziert und liefert technische und medizinische Gase und bietet damit verbundene Services sowie innovative Lösungen und Technologien für mehr als 50 verschiedene Branchen - [d, e]

Badische Acetylen und Sauerstoff Industrie - [d]

Messer Deutschland
... erzeugt und liefert Sauerstoff, Stickstoff, Argon, Kohlendioxid, Wasserstoff, Helium, Schweißschutzgase, Spezialgase, medizinische Gase und viele verschiedene Gemische - [d, e]

Westfalen AG
... bietet mehrere hundert Gase und Gasgemische einschließlich medizinischer Gase, der Laborgase, Industriegase, Schweiß- und Schweißschutzgase, Lebensmittelgase und Kältemittel - [d]

United States of America, USA

... is the United States' largest distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related equipment, safety supplies and MRO products and services to industrial and commercial markets - [e]

... is a wholy-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide, the global leader in gases for industry - [e]

Industrial Gas Springs Inc., IGS
... supplies a full range of high quality compression gas springs, locking gas springs, tension and stainless steel gas springs ... - [e]

Industrial Gases - Linde US
... manufactures and distributes a wide range of industrial gases, gas products and welding supplies to Northwest Ohio, Michigan and Indiana as part of the American Gas Group - [e]

Matheson Tri-Gas
... is dedicated to meeting your industrial, medical, cryogenic and welding needs, from cylinder gases to onsite generation - [e]

Manufacturer of industrial, process and specialty gases - [e]

Universal Industrial Gases Inc.
... is a supplier of air separation plants and other industrial gas production and storage equipment plus related engineering, construction, operation and maintenance services - [e]

United Kingdom

Jetzt: Calgaz - [e]


Messer Group Schweiz
Laborgase, medizinische Gase, technische Gase - [d, f]

... ist ein innovativer Produzent und Lieferant von technischen und medizinischen Gasen sowie Spezialgasen mit einem umfassenden Leistungsangebot rund ums Gas - [d, f]

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Book recommendation

Ebbe Almqvist

History of Industrial Gases

This 450-page pastiche of well-researched and well-documented vignettes, anecdotes, thumbnail sketches, and priceless illustrations and drawings is, as advertised, a marvelous excursion into the history of industrial gases. Embedded between the end papers of what might at first seem only to interest a precious few specialists are the essence of stories on hydrogen, including lighter-than-air craft and ballooning; dry ice and refrigeration; acetylene and illumination; gaslight and limelight; noble gases and the quest for absolute zero; industrial helium, superconductivity, and superfluidity; cutting and welding; rocket fuels, buzz bombs, and space travel; cryogenics, cyngas, and LPG. On and on. An impressive scientific and engineering retrospective... References are properly annotated, accurately displayed, and well represented; illustrations are appropriate and often original; the engineering drawings are more than window dressing. Empedocles and Paracelsus would be pleased ...

Springer; 2002

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