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Hazardous materials, dangerous goods

Hazardous materials

Hazardous substances [hazardous materials; HazMats, dangerous goods] are solid, liquid, or gaseous chemicals or mixtures that can harm people, other living organisms, or the environment.

Online available information resources on hazardous substances.

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Alpha Gefahrgut Consulting
Beratung, Schulung und Unterweisung - [d, e]

Epos Gefahrstoff-Manager
Von der Erstellung von Sicherheitsdatenblättern bis zu Kommunikation in der Lieferkette, von der automatischen Gefahrstoff-Einstufung bis zum Arbeitsschutz – eine ausgereifte Software mit, modularem Leistungsumfang.. PES-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH - [d, e, es, cz, pl]

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United States of America, USA

Chem-Tel Inc.
... was founded in 1989 to provide services to manufactures and transporters of hazardous goods for the purpose of meeting the requirements set by DOT, OSHA, FAA and IMDG regulations - [e]

Currie Associates, Inc.
Training & Consulting in Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods - [e]

Inmark Inc.
... is the leader in hazardous materials packaging and dangerous goods packaging - [e]

Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc.
... is an independent, third party certified, package testing laboratory - [e]

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United Kingdom

Hazcheck Systems
Dangerous Goods Software, Free IMDG Code Compliance Check, News and more ... - [e]

The Chemical Hazard Consultancy
... can handle all of your UK/international chemical and dangerous goods hazard-related requirements. Alternatively, we can train your staff where appropriate - providing tailored management systems and expert computerised tools too if required - [e]

World Nuclear Transport Institute
WNTI is committed to ensuring that transport, essential to bringing the benefits of radioactive materials to where they are needed the world over, is conducted safely, efficiently and reliably - [e]

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Australia's leading specialist transporter of hazardous materials and bulk solids - [e]

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... is a leader in providing an extensive range of products and services to help industry comply with domestic and international regulations for shipping or handling hazardous materials - [e]

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Dangerous Goods Logistics Network
DGLN consists of companies that specialize in transportation of Dangerous, Hazardous, Restricted Articles and other sensitive goods - worldwide - [e]

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Hazardous materials, dangerous goods
Hazardous materials, chemistry, chemicals, hazmat, haz-mat, dangerous, gas, gases, goods, liquids, mediums
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