Microwave Products

Laboratory technology and products for microwave synthesis and chemistry.

Microwave chemistry investigates, describes and uses microwaves for the investigation of chemical reactions, investigates the interaction of microwaves with matter and uses microwaves for the synthesis of specific chemical compounds.

The fairly clear market for laboratory applications using microwaves offers mainly microwaves for microwave synthesis as well as for sample preparation, as digesters and for chemical analysis.

The following list shows manufacturers and suppliers of devices and accessories for the application of microwaves in chemistry and chemical synthesis. See also: lab equipment.


Current Articles
International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA

Current Articles

Mikrowellensynthese: Spitze durch Hitze
ChemikerInnen der Uni Graz kommen dem Geheimnis der Mikrowelle auf die Spur - [d]

International manufacturer and supplier

Anton Paar
... produces instruments for the microwave sample preparation and for the microwave synthesis - [d, e]

... is the world's leading provider of innovative microwave systems and solutions for critical laboratory applications - [e]


... als Pionier und Marktführer in der Mikrowellen-Labortechnik entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt weltweit seit drei Jahrzehnten immer neue innovative Mikrowellensysteme für die drei Geschäftsbereiche Instrumentelle Analytik, Prozeßkontrolle und Life Sciences - [d, e]

Labor Mikrowellengeräte und Mikrowellensysteme für verschiedenste Anwendungen: Aufschluss, Synthese, Extraktion, Trocknung, Hydrolyse ... - [d]

United States of America, USA

Mikrowellen Vorverascher für die Elementaranalyse - [e]

Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
Vented laboratory microwave ovens - [e]

... was founded to provide chemists around the world with advanced microwave platforms on which to accelerate all their sample preparation requirements - [e]


Anton Paar GmbH
... produziert Geräte für die mikrowellen-unterstützte Probenvorbereitung und die mikrowellenunterstützte Synthese - [d, e]


... produces microwave synthesizer; microwave synthesis systems and accessories - [e]

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