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Polymers: Manufacturers and Supplier


Polymers are high-molecular-weight chemical substances (macromolecules) composed of structural repeating subunits connected by covalent chemical bonds.

List of producers and suppliers of polymer chemicals.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals
... is a leading supplier of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties, polymer additives, and antifouling and suspending agents for the polymer production and processing industries - [e]

Evonik Industries
High performance polymers, Vestamid - [d, e]


ABP Coatings
Products in the field of floor coating and sealing with polyurethane and epoxy resin liquid plastics - [d, e, f]

Manufacturer of high-performance plastics - [d, e]

GEPOC Polymerchemie GmbH
Adhesion promoters, adhesives, release agents, lubricants and processing aids - [d]

Polymer-Chemie GmbH
... compounds, refines and modifies polymers, carries out customer-specific developments and reacts with new products to the current requirements of the market - [d]

United States of America, USA

Polymer Chemistry Innovations Inc.
... manufactures polymer products which include aquazol polyethyloxazoline, macromonomers and custom synthesis capabilities - [e]

Qemi International, Inc.
... offers a complete range of water soluble polymer PAM (polyacrylamide) based flocculants and coagulants including polyamines and polydadmacs designed to cover all types of water solids separation processes and specialty applications such as clarification, thickening, flotation, filtration, settling, etc. - [e]

Western Reserve Chemical Corporation
... is a distributor and manufacturer of specialty chemicals and industrial intermediates to the rubber, polymer, textile and lubricant industry - [e]

United Kingdom

Hardie Polymers Ltd.
Hardie Polymers are one of the leading independent thermoplastics distributors in the UK, offering a complete range of engineering & commodity polymers to the injection moulding and extrusion sectors - [e]

Robinson Brothers Ltd.
Independent manufacturers of speciality organic chemicals, providing a comprehensive package of products and technical services across two distinct global market areas - rubber chemicals and polymer chemicals - [e]


... is a resin producer of P84 polyimide resins based on BTDA and PMDA monomers reacted with isocynates to produce fully imidized polyimide resins without the need for post curing - [e]


Toyo Ink
Speciality chemicals - [jp, e]


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