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Special Analytical Chemistry

Special Analytical Chemistry


Special analytics as a sub-area of analytical chemistry deals with specific practical issues in the chemical analysis of substances, natural substances, materials, products and mixtures, etc.

Here you will find a directory of companies in the field of special analytical chemistry as well as providers of services and custom-made products for laboratories and research. Other companies and service providers are listed under analysis laboratories and environmental analysis - special instrumentation under analysis technology.

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amplius GmbH - Screening Technologies and Analytical Measurement
Individual problems require individual solutions - from classic to innovative. With robot-assisted analysis methods, amplius can handle single connections as well as large sample series at unimaginable speed - [d, e]

ERGO Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Now: Eurofins environmental analyzes - [d, e, pt, cn]

HDZ Prüf- und Analyselabor Aachen

... is your partner for material analysis - [d]

Institut Romeis
Special analysis: contamination, pesticides or drug residues. Bad Kissingen - [d, e]

Laborzentrum Ettlingen - Karlsruhe
Special clinical-chemical analysis - [d]

PiCA Prüfinstitut Chemische Analytik GmbH
... is an independent private service company specializing in organic residue analysis. Berlin - [d]

ProChem GmbH
Emission measurements; Special analytics; chemical technical advice. Hildesheim - [d]

Sension GmbH
... specializes in the development and marketing of immunoassays, rapid tests for on-site analysis and laboratory analyzes - [d]

SGS Institut Fresenius
... is one of the leading providers of non-medical laboratory analysis in Europe - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

... supplies products and services for three prominent market segments, Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Process Development - [e]

Environmental Enterprises Incorporated
EEI maintains a modern, full-service environmental testing laboratory that prides itself on high-quality accurate results, friendly and knowledgeable customer service and stringent quality control programs - [e]

Contract R&D, Contract Manufacturing, Scale Up Services, Analytical Services, Contract Technical Services, Environmental Services, and a Lessor of laboratory and office space - [e]

United Kingdom

Avacta Group plc
Avacta Group´s innovative products and expert services provide solutions to high value problems in detection and analysis of biological materials and chemicals within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, security and industrial sectors - [e]


... is the right contact for demanding special analysis as well as for the development and application of chemical test methods for specific questions. Winterthur - [d]

Suisse Technology Partners AG
Specialized and certified contract laboratory for inorganic analysis (element analysis) and polymer analysis: With IPC-MS / -OES and XRF we analyze, for example, traces of heavy metals in pharmaceutical products according to USP <232>, water analyzes, minerals in medicines, alloy determinations, analysis of coatings, etc. - polymer laboratory : FT-IR, DSC, TGA, TMA, Cryomill, DMA, Viscosity, etc. - [d, e]

Viollier AG
Clinical chemistry / special analysis. Basel - [d, e, it, f]


Shraddha Analytical Services
Comprehensive Analysis and Testing includes Problem Solving, Method Development & Routine Testing - [e]


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