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Vitamins are organic chemical compounds required as a nutrient by an living organism. A Vitamin cannot be synthesized biochemically by the organism, so it must be obtained from the diet.

List of producers and suppliers of vitamins and related compounds for the use in laboratories, research and industry.


International manufacturer and supplier
United States of America, USA
European Union

International manufacturer and supplier

DSM Nutritional Products
... the world’s leading supplier of vitamins - [e]

… supplies the food-, feed-, cosmetics-, pharmaceutical and chemical industry with first class raw materials - [e]

Roche Vitamins
Pharmaceutical company producing vitamins, fragrances and nutritional food, as well as healthcare information and research and development - [e]


Atlantic Chemicals Trading GmbH
Distributeur von Rohstoffen und Vitaminen für die Herstellung von Lebens- und Futtermitteln sowie Pharma- und Kosmetikprodukten - [d, e]

Distribution für spezielle und standardisierte Rohstoffe für die Industrie. Die Produktpalette umfasst Rohstoffe für die Anwendung in der Lebensmittel-, Pharma- und Tierfutterindustrie bis zu industriellen Anwendungen - [d]

Biochem Bernburg GmbH
... ist ein spezialisierter internationaler Händler für Rohstoffe zur Herstellung von Arzneimitteln, Nahrungsmitteln, Futtermitteln sowie für chemische Industrierohstoffe - [d, e]

Bremer Pharma GmbH
... produces and distributes high-quality generic veterinary pharmaceuticals in the most time- and cost-effective way while being a reliable partner to our clients and agents all over the world - [e, es, f, ru]

Brenntag Deutschland
Weltweit führender Distributionspartner der Chemieindustrie - [d, e]

Eurochem Feinchemie GmbH
Vitamine und Rohstoffe für Anwendungen in innovativen Lebensmitteln und Kosmetika für deutsche und europäische Kunden - [d, e]

Sortiment, das von Rohstoffen über Halbfertigprodukte, bis hin zu Fertigprodukten reicht - [d, e]

Pharma Greven GmbH
Pharma Greven ist Großhändler/Vermittler für (API) Wirk-, Roh- und Hilfsstoffe, sowie Vitamine für die Industriezweige Pharma, Lebens- und Futtermittel sowie Kosmetik - [d, e]

SysKem Chemie GmbH
... bietet hochwertige Chemikalien und individuelle Dienstleistungen für die chemische Industrie, z.B. Vitamin A 500 SD, Retinol-acetat ... - [d]

United States of America, USA

... produces various concentrations of palm mixed carotenoids complex, full spectrum tocotrienol/ tocopherol complex, sterol complex and etc to cater for the specific needs and specifications of customers from crude palm oil through a patended process - [e]

Parchem Trading Ltd.
... offers an extensive range of products to all chemical industries including vitamins, pharmaceutical, nutrition, personal care, coatings, agrochemicals, flavor and fragrance, fine and specialty chemicals - [e]

European Union

... is a distribution company for pharmaceutical raw materials and excipients to the pharmaceutical industry, both human and veterinary, and for products to the health-food industry. Belgium - [e]

Mikrop Cebin
... develops, produces and distributes mineral and mineral-vitamin premixes and mixtures for the nutrition of all livestock breeds. Czech Republic - [d, e, cz, pl, ru]


Changshu Fushilai Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.
is specialized in manufacturing 6.8-Dichloro ethyl Caprylate, Alpha Lipoic acid and relative pharmaceutical and chemical products, is one of the biggest manufacturers in China - [cn, e]

Shanghai Seebio Biotechnology, Inc.
Vitamin K1, K2, K3, K4 and D1, D2, D3, Vitamin H etc - [cn, e]

Shijiazhuang Remay Chemistry Co., Ltd.
... is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials - [cn, e]

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