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Water treatment

Water treatment


Water treatment is the application of processes to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use (drinking water; coolants, water for use in industrial processes, medicine, etc.).

List of suppliers and producers of systems and chemicals for water treatment.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

Excel Water Technologies
... offers reverse osmosis water filters, softeners, and purification as well as under the counter water treatment - [e, es]

Equipment, systems and components for water treatment - [d, e, ...]


... is a specialized company for individual chemical water treatment in industrial and engine cooling systems - [d, e]

Aquadosil Wasseraufbereitung GmbH
Market leader in physical deacidification - [d, e]

Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH
... is a specialist in water filters, ultrafiltration, activated carbon filters and filter technology. The company is known as the point of contact for nanofiltration, calcification, decalcification, reverse osmosis and ion exchangers. - Water vortex, water revitalization, microfiltration, shower filter, Sanuno, Vario Classic, water filtration, cartridges, activated carbon block, activated carbon block filter - [cn, d, e, es, f, it, ru, tk]

Water treatment - [d, e]

Hydro Group
Decades of experience in the field of water treatment and water supply - [d, e]

Kyll Wasseraufbereitung
Tailor-made devices and systems for almost all areas of water use - [d]

Prominent Gruppe
Plants, systems and components for water treatment - [d, e]

Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmbH
Planning, construction and implementation of systems for drinking, product and process water treatment - [d, e]

WABAG VA Technologie AG
... is one of the world's leading companies in the field of water purification - [d, e]

Wedeco AG
Chemical-free water treatment with UV disinfection and ozone oxidation - [d, e]

United States of America, USA

American Water Chemicals, Inc.
AWC is an international supplier of Water Treatment Chemicals with a versatile line of products ranging from boiler and cooling tower chemicals to metal working fluids and conveyor chain lubricants - [e]

... is a leading provider of industrial and municipal wastewater services and technology solutions - [e]

Aries Chemical
Municipal water treatment chemicals, equipment and service for a host of water dependent operations - [e]

Hawkins, Inc.
... supplies products and equipment to treat drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater, industrial process water, and non-residential swimming pool water - [e]

Lakeside Water Treatment
... is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial water treatment equipment - [e]

Mid South Chemical
... is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals - [e]

Nalco Company
Water Treatment and Process Chemical Technologies - [e]

Professional Water Technologies
Specialty chemicals for reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems - [e]

Qemi International, Inc.
Specialty is superior quality water soluble polymers and specialty chemical products for a variety of industries - [e]

Res-Kem Corp.
... has designed and built a complete line of custom and standard water treatment equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water applications - [e]

Robert B. Hill Co.
... provides a full range of customized industrial water treatment solutions, including industrial water softeners, boiler water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, and commercial water softeners - [e]

Samco Technologies
... is a provider of custom integrated water, wastewater and process filtration / separation solutions for industry - [e]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis - [e]

United Kingdom

Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Testing Kits & Equipment; Reagents, Pumps, Meters & Control Equipment - [e]

Aquadron is a Legionella Control Company. We disinfect the whole water system, all of the time, with a non-hazardous biocide to remove pathogens and biofilm and it allows you to lower water temperatures thus saving energy - [e]

Eflo International Ltd
... is a UK company operating in the field of waste water treatment and grey water recycling - [e]


Katadyn AG
Katadyn is the global leader in portable water treatment - [d, e, f]


Enercon Water Treatment Ltd.
... manufactures a wide range of chemical products for boiler water treatment, cooling tower water treatment and closed re-circulating systems - [e]

Pace Solutions
... is a specialist in providing water treatment programs, water treatment equipment and treatment chemicals for steam boilers, heating boilers etc - [e]


Albatross Fine Chem Limited
Water Treatment Chemicals and Service Providers in India, Singapore - [e]

Water treatment chemicals - Aqua Filsep Inc. provides boiler feed water treatment, industrial water treatment, cooling water treatment and chemicals for water treatment - [e]

Va Tech Wabag Limited
... offers innovative and value added solutions to its clients for total water management and is an undisputed leader in India - [e]


... is a high technology company focusing on biological wastewater treatment - [e, es, no, se]


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