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Current research reports and chronological list of recent articles..

Luminescence - The Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence - provides a forum for the publication of original scientific papers, short communications, technical notes and reviews on fundamental and applied aspects of all forms of luminescence, including bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, electrochemiluminescence, sonoluminescence, triboluminescence, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence.

The publisher is Wiley. The copyright and publishing rights of specialized products listed below are in this publishing house. This is also responsible for the content shown.

To search this web page for specific words type "Ctrl" + "F" on your keyboard (Command + "F" on a Mac). Then: type the word you are searching for in the window that pops up!

Additional research articles see Current Chemistry Research Articles. General information about this topic see bioluminescence.

Luminescence - Abstracts

A label‐free fluorescence method for detection of ureC gene and diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 22.05.2018

Probing the interaction of l‐captopril with metallo‐β‐lactamase CcrA by fluorescence spectra and molecular dynamic simulation

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 17.05.2018

Effect of viscosity and dielectric constant variation on fractional fluorescence quenching analysis of coumarin dye in binary solvent mixtures

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 10.05.2018

Trivalent rare‐earth activated hexagonal lanthanum fluoride (LaF3:RE3+, where RE = Tb, Sm, Dy and Tm) nanocrystals: Synthesis and optical properties

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 10.05.2018

Issue Information

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 637-639, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 09.05.2018

Liquid chromatographic and spectrofluorimetric assays of empagliflozin: Applied to degradation kinetic study and content uniformity testing

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 08.05.2018

Enhancing the chemiluminescence intensity of a KMnO4 formaldehyde system for estimating the total phenolic content in honey samples using a novel nanodroplet mixing approach in a microfluidics platform

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 30.04.2018

Enhanced chemiluminescence of the fluorescein–KIO4 system by CdTe quantum dots for determination of catechol

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 30.04.2018

Utility of Von Pechman synthesis of coumarin reaction for development of spectrofluorimetric method for quantitation of salmeterol xinafoate in pharmaceutical preparations and human plasma

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 30.04.2018

The size effect to O2−–Ce4+ charge transfer emission and band gap structure of Sr2CeO4

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 24.04.2018

Effect of annealing temperature and dopant concentration on the thermoluminescence sensitivity in LiF:Mg,Cu,Ag material

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 24.04.2018

Fluorimetric determination of febuxostat in dosage forms and in real human plasma via Förster resonance energy transfer

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 24.04.2018

Can earthworms biosynthesize highly luminescent quantum dots?

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 24.04.2018

Luminescence of Eu3+ ions in hybrid polymer‐inorganic composites based on poly(methyl methacrylate) and zirconia nanoparticles

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 23.04.2018

Synthesis and luminescence properties of novel 8‐hydroxyquinoline derivatives and their Eu(III) complexes

Luminescence, EarlyView. <br/>
Datum: 17.04.2018

γ‐Aminobutyric acid quantification in small volume biological samples through enzymatically induced electrochemiluminescence

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 722-730, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 13.04.2018

Using chemiluminescence to determine whole blood antioxidant capacity in rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson's disease patients

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 764-770, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 11.04.2018

Characteristic features of thermoluminescence in neodymium‐doped gallium sulfide

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 759-763, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 10.04.2018

Spectrofluorimetric determination of acotiamide hydrochloride trihydrate in the presence of its oxidative degradation product

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 806-811, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 10.04.2018

Aggregation‐induced emission enhancement of anthracene‐derived Schiff base compounds and their application as a sensor for bovine serum albumin and optical cell imaging

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 780-789, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 10.04.2018

Factorial design optimization of micelle enhanced synchronous spectrofluorimetric assay of Omarigliptin: Applied to content uniformity testing and in vitro drug release

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 797-805, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 01.04.2018

A real‐time fluorescence assay for protease activity and inhibitor screening based on the aggregation‐caused quenching of a perylene probe

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 790-796, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 01.04.2018

Sensitive determination of bromhexine hydrochloride based on its quenching effect on luminol/H2O2 electrochemiluminescence system

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 698-703, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 01.04.2018

Least median of squares and iteratively re‐weighted least squares as robust linear regression methods for fluorimetric determination of α‐lipoic acid in capsules in ideal and non‐ideal cases of linearity

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 742-750, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 26.03.2018

A cytotoxicity, optical spectroscopy and computational binding analysis of 4‐[3‐acetyl‐5‐(acetylamino)‐2‐methyl‐2,3‐dihydro‐1,3,4‐thiadiazole‐2‐yl]phenyl benzoate in calf thymus DNA

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 731-741, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 26.03.2018

Enhanced spectrofluorimetric determination of two novel combination therapies for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia containing tamsulosin hydrochloride

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 771-779, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 26.03.2018

Improvement of mimetic peroxidase activity of gold nanoclusters on the luminol chemiluminescence reaction by surface modification with ethanediamine

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 751-758, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 25.03.2018

Detection of metronidazole in honey and metronidazole tablets using carbon dots‐based sensor via the inner filter effect

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 704-712, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 09.03.2018

Development and clinical application of a bioluminescence enzyme immunoassay for oxytocin

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 670-674, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 07.03.2018

Nd3+‐Yb3+/Nd3+‐Yb3+‐Li+ co‐doped Gd2O3 phosphors for up and down conversion luminescence

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 647-653, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 02.03.2018

Hydrothermal growth of Zn2SnO4:Eu,Ca for red emission

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 675-680, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 02.03.2018

Temperature dependence of bulk luminescence from ZnO

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 654-659, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 02.03.2018

Synthesis and luminescence properties of Ca3(BO3)2:Eu3+ via two‐step method

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 692-697, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 02.03.2018

Highly selective and sensitive coumarin–triazole‐based fluorometric ‘turn‐off’ sensor for detection of Pb2+ ions

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 713-721, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 02.03.2018

Sensitive and selective detection of Cu(II) ion: A new effective 1,8‐naphthalimide‐based fluorescence ‘turn off’ sensor

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 660-669, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 28.02.2018

The effect of 7,8,4´‐trihydroxyflavone on tyrosinase activity and conformation: Spectroscopy and docking studies

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 681-691, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 26.02.2018

A fluorescent aptasensor for analysis of adenosine triphosphate based on aptamer–magnetic nanoparticles and its single‐stranded complementary DNA labeled carbon dots

Luminescence, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page 640-646, June 2018. <br/>
Datum: 30.01.2018


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