Chemistry and physics of the chemical element astatine.

Astatine - chemical symbol At, atomic number 85 - is a highly instable radioactive chemical element of the halogen group.

Below you will find online available information resources about the chemistry and physics of astatine and the astatine compounds.


Current Articles
Information and data about the element
Atom, Orbitals, Radiochemistry
Group Elements - Information
Environmental Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry

Current Articles

First Ionization Potential of Astatine
Scientists uncover the fundamental property of astatine, the rarest atom on Earth.

Information and data about the element

Astatine, At
Chemical and physical properties; comprehensive data. Periodic Table of Elements by Environmental Chemistry, USA

Astatine, At
Data sheet, chemical and physical properties. Chemsoc, UK

Astatine, At
Chemical and physical properties. Webelements, UK

Astatine-211: Its Production and Chemistry at Higher Levels
Astatine-211 and Astatinated Radiopharmaceuticals. Durham University, Canada - Format: PDF

Organic Chemistry of Astatine
A report - Format: PDF

Atom, Orbitals, Radiochemistry

Atomic Data for Astatine (At)
Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data. NIST, USA

Condensed Astatine
Monatomic and metallic - Format: PDF

Discovery of the Astatine, Radon, Francium, and Radium Isotopes
For each isotope a brief summary of the first refereed publication, including the production and identification method, is presented - Format: PDF

Isotopes of Astatine
All known isotopes of the chemical element astatine.

Radiochemistry of Astatine
Atomic Energy Commission - Format: PDF

Group Elements - Information

Halogen/Halide Redox Reactions
Series of movies

The halogens and their compounds. Lecture note - Format: PDF

Chemistry of the halogens. ChemGuide

Halogens as oxidising agents
Oxidising ability of the Group 7 elements

Environmental Chemistry

Tropospheric Halogen Chemistry
A Short Presentation. University of Bremen - Format: PDF

Medicinal Chemistry

... and Astatinated Radiopharmaceuticals. Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Radiobiological Effects
... of Alpha-Particles from Astatine-211. From DNA Damage to Cell Death - Format: PDF

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