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Atomic Theory

Information and resources on the theory of the atoms.


An atom is the smallest particle of a chemical element, which enter into chemical compounds and can form molecules with other atoms. With chemical methods an atom is not divisible into smaller units.

The chemistry is concerned basically with the electrons including the chemical bond formed by the electrons and their orbitals. Theoretical and quantum mechanical considerations are the subject of quantum chemistry and theoretical chemistry.

Below you will find information resources, lecture notes, journals and institutions in the field of atomic theory.

Content, Topics

General Information

A History of Atomic Theory
An overview

Atomic Orbitals
A Brief Overview

Atomic Structure Timeline
This site explores discoveries related to atomic structure including the electron, proton and neutron

Atomic Theory
These pages are auto-generated by ScienceDirect using heuristic and machine-learning approaches to extract relevant information from our extensive collection of content

Atoms and Ions
General Chemistry, Companion Notes

Atoms with more than one electron
Lecture Notes - Format: PDF

Dalton's atomic theory
General Chemistry, Companion Notes

Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules
An introduction

Electrons in atoms
General Chemistry, Companion Notes

Modern Atomic Theory - Electrons
General Chemistry, Companion Notes - Format: PDF

Structure of Matter
General Chemistry, Companion Notes - Format: PDF

Theory of Atoms in Molecules
An introduction

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Atomic Structure
Physical Chemistry Lecture Notes

Atomic structure
Atomic structure, Structure of the nucleus, Atomic number and atomic mass number, isotopes, Chemical atomic weight etc. Collection of lecture notes for general chemistry

Atomic Structure
Lecture script and additional material

Atomic Theory
Lecture script and additional material - Format: PDF

Atomis Theory
Lecture notes

Atoms and Atomic Masses
Lecture notes

Atoms First
An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop

Basic Atomic Theory
Lecture notes

Dalton's Atomic Theory
Lecture notes

Early Atomic Theory
Lecture notes

General Chemistry, Companion Notes

Shell Model
Theory, quantum mechanics

The Atom
Lecture notes, basics

Data and Databases

Atomic Weights of the Elements
The standard atomic weights of the chemical elements, current values

List of the isotopes of individual elements. Current data for all known isotopes

Nuclear Data Services
International Atomic Energy Agency. IAEA

Radioactive Isotopes
WWW Table of Radioactive Isotopes (ToRI). The Lund/LBNL Nuclear Data Search, USA


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