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Chemical Ecology

Chemical Ecology

Chemical ecology is an interdisciplinary scientific branch that studies the interactions of living organisms caused by chemical signals.

Online available information resources on chemical ecology.

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Current Stories and Reports

Smelling the Scenery in Stereo
Desert ants perceive odour maps in stereo and use this information for navigation - [e]


Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chemical Ecology
From Gene to Ecosystem. E-Book - [e]


Special Information

Algae I
Chemical ecology of tropical algae - Format: PDF - [e]

Algae II
Chemical ecology of tropical algae - Format: PDF - [e]

Chemical ecology of alkaloide - Format: PDF - [e]

Chemical ecology of insects. Information site - [e]


Data and Databases

Database of Insect Pheromones and Semiochemicals - [e]



It is the aim of Chemoecology to promote and stimulate the field of chemical ecology by publishing research papers that integrate ecology and chemistry in an attempt to increase our understanding of the biological significance of natural products. Springer - [e]

Journal of Chemical Ecology
... is devoted to promoting an ecological understanding of the origin, function, and significance of natural chemicals that mediate interactions within and between organisms. Springer - [e]


Research facilities and departments

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
... examines the role of chemical signals that mediate the interactions between plants, animals, and their environment, as well as the evolutionary and behavioral consequences of these interactions - [d, e]

Penn State, USA
Center for Chemical Ecology - [e]



International Society of Chemical Ecology
The ISCE Inc. is organized exclusively for scientific purposes, more specifically to promote the understanding of interactions between organisms and their environment that are mediated by naturally occurring chemicals - [e]

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Chemical Ecology
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