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Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments

The term experiment is derived from the Latin experimentum, which means try, evidence, examination or test. In scientific experiments processes are simulated. In experiments are simulated processes, to determine unknown quantities, to discover laws, to confirm a theory - or even to demonstrate processes. It is the essential criterion of truth in the sciences.

Online available information resources about chemical and scientific experiments.

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General Information

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
... is a museum of classic home science projects - [e]

Experiments with "cold light" - [d, e]

Chemistry Demonstrations
Movies of chemistry experiments. Central Michigan University, USA - [e]

Chemistry Experiments
The Naked Scientists: Science Radio & Science Podcasts - [e]

Chemistry Experiments
Fun, simple chemistry experiments and easy projects kids to teens in high school can do at home using household materials to create really cool chemical reactions - [e]

Chemistry Lab
The Virtual Chemistry Laboratory - [e]

Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
... promotes the study of Chemistry and to illustrate and record the art of chemistry demonstrations - [e]

Classic chemistry experiments
The collection of 100 chemistry experiments has been developed with the help and support of teachers throughout the UK. RSC - [e]

Demonstration Experiments
Chemistry - [d, e]

Demonstrations and Experiments
A science teachers resource center - [e]

Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive
Collection of experiments: Chemistry, biology, physics, geology, mathematics, astronomy - [e]

Experiments in Electrochemistry - [e]

Experiments for the Elementary School Classroom
Several chemical experiment instructions - [e]

Fun Science Gallery
Scientific experiments for amateurs and students - [e]

General Chemistry
... contains a number of experiments that took place in the first semester general chemistry laboratory course at the University of Siegen, Germany - [d, e]

Home Experiments
Collection of experiments to awaken the pleasure of science - [e]

Microscale experiments with disposable materials - [d, e]

MicroScale Chemistry
Experiments - [e]

Microscale Gas Chemistry
Micro chemical experiments - [e]

Organic Chemistry Microscale Projection Experiments
Chemistry en miniature. University of Regensburg - [d, e]

Physics Demonstrations
Extensive collection of physical demonstration experiments - [e]

Practical Chemistry
… website provides all teachers of chemistry with a wide range of experiments to illustrate concepts or processes, as starting-points for investigations and for enhancement activities such as club or open day events. It also enables the sharing of skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom. Lots of information for technicians too - [e]

Snacks about Chemistry
Exploratorium Science Snacks, special experiments - [e]

Special didactics chemistry University of Regensburg
Computer supported experiments: Recording and evaluation of measured values with the Cassy- and Chembox System; Organic chemical demonstration experiments in projection - Chemistry en miniature - [d, e]

The General Chemistry Demo Lab
Some few but detailed chemical demonstrations: Surface tension, reaction of magnesium with carbon dioxide; volume and pressure effects of a gas - [e]

Virtual Chemistry Experiments
A collection of interative web-based chemistry tutorials - [e]

Virtual Chemistry Experiments and Exercises
A collection of interative web-based chemistry tutorials - [e]


Special Information

Microscale gas chemistry: experiments with ammonia - [e]

Green Chemistry Experiments
Green Chemistry Manual - [e]


Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry Experiments
IFT experiments in food science series - Format: PDF - [e]

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Chemistry Experiments
Chemistry, scientific, experiments
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