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Laboratory Techniques and Methods

Lab Techniques

In a chemical laboratory, there are a multitude of different operations - depending on goals and tasks. Below you will find descriptions of single chemical and physical lab methods.

Online available information about chemical and physical techniques used in chemistry labs.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Separation principle and separation techniques - Format: PDF - [e]

Separation Techniques
Modern separation techniques in organic chemistry - Format: PDF - [e]


Partial Information

Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
Demonstrations of chemistry laboratory techniques including manipulating/transferring samples, measuring, separating/purifying, and safety - [e]

Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
Laboratory Manual. MIT Open Courseware - Format: PDF - [e]

Organic Chemistry
The visual organic chemistry laboratory - [e]


Special Information

Boiling Point Determination
... in a distillation container - Format: PDF - [e]

Boiling Point Determination
Organic laboratory techniques - Format: PDF - [e]

Burette, Pipette
Techniques on the use of a burette, a pipette, and a volumetric flask - Format: PDF - [e]

Chemical Vapor Deposition, CVD
A tutorial that seeks to provide an introduction to the underlying principles of chemical vapor deposition of films, with examples of films, reactors, and applications - [e]

Fractional destillation. Organic chemistry laboratory techniques - Format: PDF - [e]

Distillation Methods
The visual organic chemistry laboratory - [e]

Melting Point Determination
Organic laboratory techniques - Format: PDF - [e]

Melting Point Determination
Melting points from cooling curves; capillary melting points - Format: PDF - [e]

Reference electrodes (SCE, Ag/AgCl) and indicator electrodes (1st and 2nd kind), membrane electrodes (pH, pIon), gas sensing electrodes and molecule sensing electrodes - Format: PDF - [e]

Organic chemistry laboratory techniques - Format: PDF - [e]

Determination of the refractive index - [e]

Sample preparation
SamplePrep Web is a starting point for information and advice regarding analytical sample preparation, speciated analysis, trace analysis and microwave chemistry - [e]

Three electrode systems, current in electrochemical cells, stirred vs unstirred solutions, hydrodynamic voltammetry and polarography (sampled and differential pulse) - Format: PDF - [e]

Volumetric Analysis
Quantitative techniques in volumetric analysis: demonstrations of various techniques of quantitative weighing and transferring solids, transferring liquids and volumetric titration - [e]

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Laboratory Techniques and Methods
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