Graphene is a two-dimensional modification of the chemical element carbon. Each carbon atom is connected to three other carbon atoms, so that a honeycomb-shaped, single-layer pattern is formed.

Graphene has a number of exceptional properties, including high tensile strength, elasticity, special electronic properties, etc.

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Current Articles

A Low Cost Method for Producing Graphene

Graphene? From any lab! - Researchers from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, and the Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Lille developed a low cost method for manufacturing multilayered graphene sheets.

Image: Visualization of a graphene oxide sheet and a graphene surface with attached tertathiafulvalene (TTF) molecules [Credit: IPC PAS, Piotr Gdziorowski].

Epitaxial Graphene
European collaboration makes breakthrough in developing super-material graphene. Article, 2010

Graphene gets a Teflon makeover

Nanoribbons for Graphene Transistors
Scientists reported in Nature how they have managed for the first time to grow graphene ribbons that are just a few nanometres wide using a simple surface-based chemical method. Article, 2010

Pure Graphene Production
Research could yield novel composites, touch-screen displays. Article, 2010

Scienists Make Graphene Suitable for Organic Chemistry
Graphene lights up with new possibilities: Rice researchers' two-step technique makes graphene suitable for organic chemistry

Synthesis of Graphene Oxide
Graphene oxide gets green: Rice researchers show environmentally friendly ways to make it in bulk, break it down. Article, 2010

Synthesis of Perfect Graphene Ribbons
Long and narrow, free of defects, and soluble: graphene nanoribbons by bottom-up synthesis

General Information

Nobel Prize in Physics 2010
… to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov 'for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene'

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Electronic Properties
... of graphene, part 1 - Format: PDF

Electronic Properties
... of graphene, part 2 - Format: PDF

Electronic Structure
… of graphene - Format: PDF

Electronic Transport
… in two-dimensional graphene - Format: PDF

Electron properties and transport phenomena - Format: PDF

Carbon in two dimensions - Format: PDF

The electronic properties of graphene. Article, 2009 - Format: PDF

Electronic band structure and Dirac fermions - Format: PDF

Graphene - A New Material
Lecture notes - Format: PDF

Quantum Theory
… of graphene - Format: PDF


Graphene Oxide
The chemistry of graphene oxide - Format: PDF

Articles and Reports

A Graphene-like Porous Polymer with Honeycomb Structure
Empa scientists synthesize graphene-like material. 2009

Bilayer graphene gets a bandgap
A tunable graphene bandgap opens the way to nanoelectronics and nanophotonics. 2009

Surprising graphene
Honing in on graphene electronics with infrared synchrotron radiation. 2008

Research facilities and departments

Mesoscopic Physics Group
Working group of Professor Andre Geim. University of Manchester, UK

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