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Quantum Dots

Information about the chemistry and physics of quantum dots.

A quantum dot is a particle of matter with a diameter on the order of the compound's Exciton Bohr Radius, and properties that are between those of bulk semiconductors and those of discrete molecules.

Online availaible scientific information about quantum dots. See also: suppliers of quantum dots.

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Current Articles
General Information
Lecture Notes, Tutorials
Partial Information

Current Articles

Alternating-Color Quantum Dots
Twinkle, twinkle, quantum dot - new particles can change colors and tag molecules

Luminescent Nanocrystals
Bright lights of purity: Berkeley Lab researchers discover why pure quantum dots and nanorods shine brighter

Physicists create first atomic-scale map of quantum dots
University of Michigan physicists have created the first atomic-scale maps of quantum dots, a major step toward the goal of producing "designer dots" that can be tailored for specific applications.

Ultrasmall Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals Brighten the Future of Lighting
Vanderbilt researchers have boosted the efficiency of a novel source of white light called quantum dots more than tenfold, making them of potential interest for commercial applications.

General Information

Quantum Dots Explained
General information about quantum dots

Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Optical Properties
... of quantum dots - Format: PDF

Quantum Dots
Introduction - Format: PDF

Quantum Dots
An introduction for chemists - Format: PDF

Quantum Dots

Partial Information

Coulomb blockade
... in quantum dots - Format: PDF

Electronic structure
Article: Electronic structure of quantum dots - Format: PDF

Quantum Dots
Optical properties of quantum dots. WPI - Format: PDF


Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dot Nanoparticles
The Preparation of Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dot Nanoparticles


Electronic struture and quantum transport in systems of quantum dots exposed to magnetic fields
Thesis, 2006. University of Heidelberg

Kondo Effect in Quantum Dots
Dissertation, 2000. University of Stuttgart, Germany

Lanthanides and quantum dots
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy of biochemical Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) systems. Dissertation, 2007. University of Potsdam

Open quantum dots modeled with microwave cavities
Dissertation, 2004. University of Marburg

Optical and Magnetic Resonance Properties of II-VI Quantum Dots
Dissertation, 2003. University of Giessen

Photoluminescence Intermittency of Semiconductor Quantum Dots in Dielectric Environments
Dissertation, 2006. TU Chemnitz, Germany

Quantum Simulations for Semiconductor Quantum Dots
From Artificial Atoms to Wigner Molecules. Dissertation, 2003. University of Dusseldorf

Thermoelectric Properties of Few-Electron Quantum Dots
Thesis, 2008. University of Würzburg

Transport theory of interacting quantum dots
Dissertation, 1997. University of Karlsruhe

X-Ray diffraction from semiconductor quantum dots
Dissertation, 2002. University of Munich


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