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Quantum Dots Suppliers

List of manufacturers and suppliers of quantum dots.


The manufacturers of quantum dots provide a wide range of products that differ in type, structure, composition and field of application. The particles are currently used among others as nanoparticles, semiconductor nanocrystals, for diagnostic assays, in solar cells, batteries, LEDs, QD inks, etc.

List of manufacturers and suppliers of quantum dots for use in laboratory, research and industry.

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International Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Quantum Dot technology from OSRAM makes LEDs even more efficient. The new conversion delivers outstanding efficacy, even at high color rendering indexes - [e]

Sigma Aldrich
Sigma's Lumidots™ feature bright emissions, narrow size distributions, high purity, and long lifetimes. These stabilized core semiconductor nanocrystals have unique properties for applications that include LEDs, solar cells, thin films, and spectrophotography. Now: Merck - [e]

ThermoFisher Scientific
Wide range of quantum dot products - [e]

United States of America, USA

ACS Material
... provides graphene quantum dots - [e]

American Dye Source, Inc.
Adsdyes is offering quantum dots. These materials can be used for a variety of applications in display devices, organic solar cells, sol gel coatings, polymer coatings, and printing inks - [e]

American Elements
Producer of AE Quantum Dots™ - [e]

CD Bioparticles
... provides a comprehensive list of DiagNano™ semiconductor quantum dots with different chemical compositions and surface functionalization - [e]

Qdot® quantum dots are ideal for experiments requiring long-term photostability or single-excitation, multicolor analysis. Now: Thermo Fisher Scientific - [e]

Nanosys quantum dots emit colors that are so pure that they can reproduce almost all colors found in nature and 100% of the colors used in films - [e]

NNCrystal US Corporation
The product lines include cadmium based and cadmium free quantum dots, as well as magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles - [e]

Quantum Materials
Quantum dot materials for different applications - [e]

United Kingdom

Nanoco Technologies Ltd.
The world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quantum dots - [e]

Particle Works
Quantum dots manufactured by Particle Works offer high-performance and narrow optical emission spectra - [e]


... delivers quantum dots with emissions from 520 nm to 650 nm - [e]


Attonuclei specializes in the research and development of bottom-up quantum dot's fabrication techniques for implementation in high value added products - [e]


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