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Cancer - Molecular Basics

Cancer - Molecular Basics


Resources about the molecular basics of cancer and carcinogenesis.

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Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Chemical-induced carcinogenesis
Lecture notes. University of North Carolina - Format: pdf - [e]

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Special Information

Mechanism of Chemical Carcinogenesis
Assays Relevant to Diesel Exhaust. The Health Effects Institute - Format: pdf - [e]

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The Invention of an Anticancer Drug - [e]

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Data and Databases

Cancer Topics
Information from the National Cancer Institute about cancer treatment, prevention, screening, genetics, causes, and how to cope with cancer - [e]

Carcinogenic Potency Database
CPDB is a unique and widely used international resource of the results of 6540 chronic, long-term animal cancer tests on 1547 chemicals - [e]

Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System
CCRIS; Carcinogenicity and mutagenicity test results for over 8,000 chemicals. NLM; Toxnet - [e]

Computational Cancer Genomics
The Computational Cancer Genomics (CCG) group of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is dedicated to the development of analysis tools and databases relating molecular sequences and biological functions - [e]

Mouse Tumor Biology Database
... supports the use of the mouse as a model system of hereditary cancer - [e]

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Anti-Cancer Drugs
... reports both clinical and experimental results related to anti-cancer drugs, and welcomes contributions on anti-cancer drug design, drug delivery, pharmacology, hormonal and biological modalities and chemotherapy evaluation. Lippincott - [e]

BBA Reviews on Cancer
... covers the whole field of the biology and biochemistry of cancer, emphasizing oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, growth-related cell cycle control signalling, carcinogenesis mechanisms, cell transformation, immunologic control mechanisms, genetics of human (mammalian) cancer, control of cell proliferation, genetic and molecular control of organismic development, rational anti-tumor drug design. Elsevier - [e]

British Journal of Cancer
BJC publishes high quality original papers and reviews that make a significant contribution to increasing understanding of the causes of cancer and to improving the treatment and survival of patients - [e]

... is pleased to receive original articles related to human cancer including, but not limited to: biologic response modifiers (such as growth factors, interferons, interleukins, lymphotoxins), clinical observations, chemotherapy, clinical trials, detection, epidemiology, ethical issues, etiology, genetics and cytogenetics, imaging, immunology and immunotherapy, oncogenes, pathology and clinicopathologic correlations, prevention, psychosocial studies, radiation therapy, screening, staging, and surgical therapy. Wiley - [e]

Cancer Causes & Control
... is an international refereed journal that both reports and stimulates new avenues of investigation into the causes, control, and subsequent prevention of cancer. Its multidisciplinary and multinational approach draws together information published in a diverse range of journals. Springer - [e]

Cancer Cell
... publishes reports of novel results in any area of cancer research, from molecular and cellular biology to clinical oncology. Elsevier - [e]

Cancer Cytopathology
... an Interdisciplinary International Journal of the American Cancer Society. Wiley - [e]

Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer
... will offer rapid publication of original full-length research articles , perspectives , reviews , letters to the editors , as well as editorial commentaries on genetic analysis as related to the study of neoplasia. Particular emphasis will be placed on work combining molecular and cytogenetic analyses of the genomic alterations of cancer cells. Wiley - [e]

Hematological Oncology
... considers for publication articles dealing with experimental and clinical aspects of neoplastic diseases of the hemopoietic and lymphoid systems and relevant related matters. Translational studies applying basic science to clinical issues are particularly welcomed. Wiley - [e]

International Journal of Cancer
... accepts manuscripts for submission under a broad scope of topics relevant to experimental and clinical cancer research. The editorial categories within the journal are: Carcinogenesis, Cancer Cell Biology, Cancer Genetics, Tumor Virology, Tumor Immunology, Predictive Markers and Cancer Prevention, Epidemiology, Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy. Wiley - [e]

Journal of Carcinogenesis
... is ready to receive papers on all aspects of physical and chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis. BioMed Central (USA) [e] - [e]

Molecular Cancer
... is ready to receive a wide range of manuscripts presenting original research and commentary in all areas of cancer-related science. BioMed Central - [e]

Molecular Cancer Research
... publishes original, novel, and well-designed studies on the molecular and cellular aspects of cancer biology. Papers should represent significant new information gathered from basic research that has implications for cancer therapeutics in one of the following areas: Angiogenesis, Metastasis, and the Cellular Microenvironment; Cancer Genes and Genomics; Cell Cycle, Cell Death, and Senescence; DNA Damage and Cellular Stress Responses; Model Organisms; and Signaling and Regulation. American Association for Cancer Research - [e]

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
American Association for Cancer Research - [e]

Molecular Carcinogenesis
... presents information describing investigations of molecular aspects of the mechanisms involved in chemical, physical, and viral (biological) carcinogenesis. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the structure, expression, or function of genes or gene products associated with normal growth and differentiation and alterations in neoplasia; characterization of genes or gene products expressed in preneoplastic or neoplastic cells; molecular studies that define a specific function of a tumor-associated protein or its effects on cellular function; virtually all research on molecular aspects of oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and their gene products; carcinogenesis studies in transgenic mice; and research on human tumor viruses. Wiley - [e]

Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis, and Mutagenesis
... publishes original research on the evaluation and characterization of teratogens, carcinogens, or mutagens. Wiley - [e]

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Articles and Reports

Targeted Gene Suppression in Cancer Cells. - [e, d]

Fox Chase Researchers Give Mutants Another Chance
Study demonstrates how it might be possible to restore the function of a mutant gene without altering DNA. - [e]

New drug agent knocks out multiple enzymes in cancer pathway
A team of scientists has engineered a new anti-cancer agent that is about 200 times more active in killing tumor cells than similar drugs used in recent clinical trials. - [e]

NYU researchers demonstrate activity of mebendazole in metastatic melanoma
Novel assay finds that widely prescribed anti-parasite drug targets cancer-causing protein. Article, August 2008 - [e]

Researchers find cancer-inhibiting compound under the sea
University of Florida College of Pharmacy researchers have discovered a marine compound off the coast of Key Largo that inhibits cancer cell growth in laboratory tests, a finding they hope will fuel the development of new drugs to better battle the disease. Article, August 2008 - [e]

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Research facilities and departments

Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis
The goal of the LMC is to define the fundamental molecular mechanisms by which environmental exposures lead to cancer. NIEHS - [e]

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German Cancer Research Center
... investigate the mechanisms of cancer development and to identify cancer risk factors. The results of this basic research are expected to be developed into new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer - [d, e]

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Cancer - Molecular Basics
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Hippokratis Kiaris

Understanding Carcinogenesis
An Introduction to the Molecular Basis of Cancer

In this concise, up-to-date guide to the biology of cancer the author manages to present both the basic and the clinical while retaining a simple and concise style. Following an introduction to fundamental concepts related to the clonality of the tumors and the hypermutability of the cancer cells, he continues with a description of genes involved in the process of carcinogenesis and concludes with more complex phenomena of tumor biology, such as the role of the tumor stroma and the metastatic process. A whole section on specific topics includes pharmacogenomics and viral carcinogenesis. In addition, he describes human and animal models of the disease, emphasizing their advantages and their limitations, rounding off with unifying concepts, as well as ongoing and future perspectives. The book makes good use of simple graphs to underline the notions described in the text, a feature that particularly aids comprehension.

Wiley-VCH; 2006

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