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Compound Classes

The classification of chemical substances.


Chemical compounds are substances in their pure form that are composed of two or more chemical elements.

These chemical substances or compounds are grouped together for reasons: they are often related to similar chemical and physical properties, certain functional groups, related or similar chemical reactions, type of bond, origin, use, effect, toxicity, occurrence, bioactivity - or also historically and arbitrarily chosen grouping criteria.

The term substance class or substance group is used a little more broadly and is often less oriented to the chemical reference.

In general, individual compounds can be assigned to several groups or substance classes, for example because they have several structural features, occur in different areas or are used - or because an exact assignment is not always possible.

Below you will find an overview of the substance groups and substance classes dealt with on Internetchemistry, short descriptions and links to the respective topic pages For chemical substances as trade goods, see under chemicals.


Groups of organic compounds and of natural substances

Amino acids
Aromatic compounds



Inorganic Compound Classes


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