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Fullerenes and Carbon Nanomaterials

Carbon Nanomaterials

A fullerene is a special modification of carbon: a carbon allotrop composed entirely of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere (buckyball), a ellipsoid, a tube (nanotubes), or a plane (graphene).

List of manufacturers of fullerenes and carbon nanomaterials for science, research and industry.

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International manufacturer and supplier

Alfa Aesar
... a leading international manufacturer, supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals, and materials - [e]

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... bietet eine große Auswahl an Nanopulvern in verschiedenen Formen und Krisallitgrößen an - [d, e]

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United States of America, USA

American Dye Source, Inc.
... offers fullerenes and carbon nanotubes from milligram quantities to bulk quantities - [e]

The Source for Carbon Nanotubes-CNTs - [e]

MER Corporation
... is your source for Fullerenes - [e]

MTR Ltd.
... is working in the field of high technologies offers a wide variety of High Quality Fullerene Products - [e]

A leader in the world of nanostructured carbon materials including fullerenes, nanotubes and their chemical derivatives - [e]

SES Research
One of the first Commercial Manufacturers of Carbon Fullerenes to supply the Research communities worldwide - [e]

TDA Research, Inc.
Large-scale production of fullerenes - [e]

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Yongxin Technology Co., Ltd.
... has been engaged in the manufacture of fullerene reagents - [cn, e]

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Fullerenes and Carbon Nanomaterials
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Serena Margadonna

Fullerene-Related Materials: Recent Advances in Their Chemistry and Physics

"Fullerene-Related Materials" provides an in-depth coverage of the essential breakthroughs in the Chemistry and Physics of fullerene related materials over the last five years. Split into two volumes, it includes materials such as: Metal intercalated fullerides; Endohedral fullerenes; Higher fullerenes; and Non-conventional carbon cages. Volume 1 explores the structural, electronic and magnetic phase diagrams of fullerene derivatives and pays special attention to metal intercalated fullerenes. Volume 2 covers the recent advances in synthesis, reactivity and applications of fullerene related materials. These volumes form an invaluable resource for academics and researchers in the field of functional molecular materials and also material scientists who are looking into implementing fullerene compounds in different types of devices.

Springer; 2008

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