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Chemoprevention and Chemopreventive Compounds


Chemoprevention is the use of a synthetic or natural occuring drug or a chemical compound to inhibit, delay, or reverse diseases like cancer

Online available information resources on chemoprevention and chemopreventive compounds.

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Current Stories and Reports

New antioxidant compounds have been identified in foods such as olive oil, honey and nuts
Scientists from the University of Granada have used two new techniques, capillary electrophoresis and high resolution liquid chromatography, to enable them to identify and quantify a great part of the phenolic compounds in such foods. These compounds have a chemopreventive effect in humans and a great influence on the stability of oxidation levels of food - [e]

Red wine compound linked to health, also found in dark chocolate and cocoa - [e]


General Information

Cancer Chemoprevention
General information on chemoprevention. German Cancer Research Center - [e]

Cancer Prevention
General Cancer Prevention Information. National Cancer Institute, USA - [e]


Partial Information

Chemoprevention of Cancer. Scientific paper. CA - Cancer Journal for Clinicians - Format: PDF - [e]


Special Information

Apple Polyphenols
Colon cancer chemopreventive potential of apple juice and apple polyphenols in the APC Min/+ model. Dissertation, 2009 - [e]

Natural Sweeteners
Cancer-chemopreventive effects of natural sweeteners and related compounds. IUPAC, 2002 - Format: PDF - [e]


Data and Databases

List of research papers on chemoprevention. PubMed - [e]

Colorectal Cancer
Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer: Database of agents & diets ranked by efficacy. A systematic review of experimental studies (men, rats, mice). INRA, France - [e]



Modulation of polyamine metabolism
... as a chemopreventive strategy of phytochemicals in a cell culture model of colorectal cancers. Dissertation, 2008 - [e]


Research facilities and departments

Christian Doppler Laboratory
... for molecular cancer chemoprevention. Medical University of Vienna, Austria - [d]

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Chemoprevention and Chemopreventive Compounds
Chemoprevention, chemopreventive compounds, agents
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Elisabeth Klenke

Inhibition of Angiogenesis by Potential Chemopreventive Agents

A new human in vitro anti-angiogenesis assay was established and applied to identify novel angiopreventive agents. Subsequently, two chemopreventive compounds, xanthohumol (XN) from Humulus lupu­lus L. (hop) and sulforaphane (SFN), an isothiocyanate derived from cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae), were selected for detailed in­vestigation of their angiopreventive potential and mechanisms invol­ved in the inhibition of angiogenesis. Representative targets included effects at the transcriptional levels of pro-angiogenic factors, anti-gelatinolytic and anti-endothelial activity. In vivo, XN was shown to exhibit a strong anti-tumour potency on human breast cancer xeno­grafts mediated by the inhibition of tumour-induced angiogenesis. These findings strongly suggest that XN and SFN represent attractive chemopreventive lead structures possessing a remarkable potential to prevent tumour development.

VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K.; 2008


Siegfried Knasmüller, David M. DeMarini, Ian Johnson, Clarissa Gerhäuser

Chemoprevention of Cancer and DNA Damage by Dietary Factors

This work offers the latest up-date on naturally occurring cancer inhibitors in the diet! Cancer prevention is defined by active measures to reduce the incidence of cancer. Preventive dietary factors are acting by a variety of mechanisms - as for example modifying cancer causing factors or altering their metabolism. Based on epidemiological studies there is emerging evidence, that certain factors have a direct impact on cancer risk. Research within cancer chemoprevention is of growing interest for medics, pharmacists as well as biologists. This book covers comprehensively all important aspects of cancer chemoprevention. Chapters deal with different molecular mechanisms of cancer prevention by dietary factors, and a variety of experimental approaches to study its preventive functions in vitro and in vivo, as well as currently known defined substances function.

Wiley-VCH; 2009

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