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Estonia: scientific institutions, organisations, research


List of scientific institutions in Estonia: universities, research and other academic institutions, government agencies, industry associations.

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Scientific Universities

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
KBFI is a research institution that carries out fundamental and applied research and engages in the development of the novel directions in material sciences, gene- and biotechnology, environmental technology, and computer science - [e, ee]

Tallinn University of Technology
The mission of Tallinn University of Technology is to support Estonia’s sustainable development through scientific creation and science-based higher education in the field of engineering, technology, natural and social sciences - [e, ee]

Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Chemistry
... is carrying out research and teaching in analytical, inorganic, bioorganic and organic chemistry, also in biotechnology and molecular technology - [e, ee]

University of Tartu
Department of Chemistry - [e, ee]

University of Tartu
... is a national university uniting different branches of science - [e, ee]

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Ministries and national authorities

Estonian Government
The Government of the Republic of Estonia - Official Homepage - [ee, e, ru]

Ministry of Agriculture
Estonia - [ee, e, ru]

Ministry of Education and Research
... integrates traditional educational values with contemporary development trends - [ee, e, ru]

Ministry of the Environment
Estonia - [ee, e, ru]

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Estonia: scientific institutions, organisations, research
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