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Lithuania: scientific institutions, organisations, research


List of scientific institutions in Lithuania: universities, research and other academic institutions, government agencies, industry associations.

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Scientific Universities

Kaunas University of Medicine
Departments: biology; biochemistry; mathematics; medicine; pharmacology; physics; physiology; ... - [e, lt]

Kaunas University of Technology
Faculties: chemical technology; fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics, materials science); technology - [e, lt]

Klaipeda University
Faculties: natural science and mathematics; health sciences - [e, lt]

Lithuanian University of Agriculture
... is the only institution of higher education in Lithunia where highly qualified specialists of agriculture, forestry and water management are trained - [e, lt]

Lithuanian Veterinary Academy
The mission and strategic objectives of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy are to train highly qualified veterinary doctors, animal husbandry technologists, veterinary food safety specialists and scientists conforming to international standards and requirements; to develop modern fundamental, applied and experimental research in biomedical sciences, veterinary medicine and zootechnics. - [e, lt]

Mykolas Romeris University
The mission of the University is to educate young people, to amass and nourish intellectual potential, and to train leaders of society capable of creating and implementing innovations, which influence the overall scientific, cultural and technological progress of society - [e, lt]

Siauliai University
Faculties: mathematics and informatics; natural sciences (environmental research, physics; biological research center); technology; ... - [e, lt]

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Faculties: civil engineering; electronics; environmental engineering; fundamental sciences (bioengineering; chemistry; mathematics; physics; ...); ... - [e, lt]

Vilnius Pedagogical University
Faculties: natural sciences (botany; chemistry; geography; technological education; zoology); mathematics and informatics; physics and technology; ... - [e, lt]

Vilnius University
Faculties: chemistry; mathematics and informatics; medicine; natural sciences; physics; ... - [e, lt]

Vytautas Magnus University
Faculties: informatics; natural sciences (biology; environmental sciences; chemistry; physics); ... - [e, lt]

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Scientific Societies

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
LAS is a budgetary institution that brings together the most distinguished Lithuanian scientists and foreign scientists whose academic activities are related to Lithuania - [e, lt]

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Patents and Standards

Lithuanian Standards Board
LST is an institution of the executive power of the Republic of Lithuania, within its province taking part in establishing and implementing the policy of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania within standardization, quality assurance fields and carrying out other functions provided by the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania and Government Resolutions - [e, lt]

The State Patent Bureau
... of the Republic of Lithuania - [e, lt]

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Ministries and national authorities

... of the Republic of Lithunia - [e, lt]

Ministry of Agriculture
... of Lithunia - [e, lt]

Ministry of Education and Science
... of Lithunia - [e, lt]

Ministry of Environment
... is the main managing authority of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania which forms the country's state policy of environmental protection, forestry, utilization of natural resources, geology and hydrometeorology, territorial planning, construction, provision of residents with housing, utilities and housing, as well as coordinates its implementation - [e, lt]

Ministry of Health
... of Lithunia - [e, lt]

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Lithuania: scientific institutions, organisations, research
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